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Jason Momoa’s Aquaman Haka Dance

An Aquaman Haka Dance? Wait. What? Jason Momoa Performs Haka at ‘Aquaman’ Premiere. Any why not? Seeing as they cast a Maori / Hawaiian  actor I think its safe to assume that Aquaman can do the Haka.

The Aquaman Haka Dance is actually quite a nice rendition of the Haka and is great addition to the Premiere. Check it out its awesome. “Aquaman” star Jason Momoa honors his cast, crew and the crowd with a traditional Haka performance on the blue carpet at the “Aquaman” premiere. We love that he brings his own culture to everything he does. If a Haka doesn’t pump you up then go get your pulse checked. Amazing!! To see his kids following his foot steps and proud of their culture, is the best thing the younger generations can inherit!

Us: That’s Awesome!! Aquaman props department: God damn it Jason stop snapping the tridents in half! Some might say The traditional “haka” dance is very intimidating for the people taking pictures at the Aquaman film premiere. But we think it went down well and people enjoyed Aquaman Haka Dance. We certainly did.

Aquaman Haka Dance

Khal Drogo has nothing on Arthur Curry, telling you that much. Well that’s twice Momoa has played a reluctant King. Should it be Khal Aquaman? Ignore the annoying camera man who seems to get in the way. To be honest he deserves a slap for almost disturbing the haka. Momoa and the cast danced the Māori “Ka Mate,” a popular haka performed by New Zealand rugby teams, the All Blacks before matches. If you consider that movie premieres and especially superhero movie ensembles are sometimes an endless procession of cast joining the queue to then have a gazillion pictures taken, this is a much better way!

Red arrows pointing to the annoying cameraman who needs a slap

Are you going to see Aquaman? We will be watching it this weekend hopefully so we’ll report back soon. Have a look at this video of James Wan, Sideshow Collectibles and Aquaman behind the scenes. What did you think of the Aquaman Haka Dance? Tell us in the comments below. We found the story on Av News.


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