Kylo Ren vs Darth Vader Teaser (Star Wars Fan-Film)




Hey everybody, Unfortunately the film will be delayed. For the fans we put together a little sneak peak with some new footage.

The reason is mostly due to the bad winder Sweden has had (the lack of snow). But we are working really hard to finish the film, we are moving the last of the shoot in to a studio. Hope you all can hold on a little longer…
/ Seize The Frame

Teaser for an upcoming fan-made film.
Thanks everyone for 100000 views and for waiting patiently for the finished film. Meanwhile here is a short behind the scenes look of the teaser:

Disclaimer: This is a non-profit project, and we do not seek to infringe on copyright or registered trademarks. Originally intended for the Star Wars-fan film awards.

Produced by Seize the Frame
Voicework by: Tony K (KyloKenobi78)
Music by: Videocopilot (Song: FogyLake)

Thanks to:
Peter Lidman
HB Adventure
Mattias Sjöstedt
Icon Studios
Hyresbutiken Skellefteå
Skellefteå Ljuduthyrning
Patrik Lind
John Silén
Jesper Burström
Thomas Lawes
Lillianne Berggren
Maria & Tim Lawes
Roland Gerkman
Johan Sjöström

KYLO REN – Fredrik Karlsson
DARTH VADER – Jonas Lawes

This video was first published onYouTube Source link . We are just re-posting and re-sharing.

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