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Last Day on Earth Short Film AWARD-WINNING by Alan Watts

Last Day on Earth Short Film AWARD-WINNING by Alan Watts

Last Day on Earth Short Film AWARD-WINNING by Alan Watts
Last Day on Earth Short Film

An old man lives alone in the depths of a Washington forest, unknowingly experiencing his last day on earth. He embarks through an enchanted forest, only to find he’s not alone. In his last moments, he discovers the meaning of his life.

In the thought-provoking short film Last Day on Earth, director Alex Odam explores the themes of mortality and human connection in a post-apocalyptic world. Through stunning visuals and powerful performances, the film takes viewers on a journey of reflection and contemplation about what truly matters in life. The raw emotions portrayed by the characters as they come to terms with their impending doom evoke a sense of urgency and empathy, making this short film both gripping and poignant.

One of the most striking aspects of Last Day on Earth is its minimalistic approach to storytelling, allowing space for introspection and interpretation. By focusing on the intimate moments between characters facing their final hours, the film highlights the beauty and complexity of human relationships in times of crisis. As viewers are drawn into the characters’ struggles and vulnerabilities, they are prompted to reflect on their own values and priorities, underscoring the universal truths explored in this captivating short film.

Ultimately, Last Day on Earth serves as a reminder of our shared humanity and interconnectedness, challenging audiences to consider how they would spend their final moments if faced with similar circumstances. Through its emotional depth and thought-provoking narrative, this short film leaves a lasting impact that lingers long after it reaches its conclusion.

Last Day on Earth Short Film
Writer/Director – Christian Eisenbarth @christian.eisenbarth
Film Page – @lastdayonearthfilm
Cinematographer- Sean Goodwin @seangoodwinmedia
Composer – Luis Morales @luithecomposeraudioguy
Composer – Dusty Hall @Dusty.hall.composer
Airbnb Cabin @fir.haven
Tik Tok @the4thperspective /


A teenager wakes up and discovers she’s the last person on Earth


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