Marvel Actors Who Regret Being In MCU Movies

Marvel Actors Who Hated Being in MCU Movies

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Pretty soon, Hollywood will be nothing but Marvel movies and television shows and is that really a bad thing? We’re all for the All Marvel, All the Time path we seem to be headed down because this franchise is just so much fun! Though not everyone is a fan of the MCU’s superhero shenanigans, even the actors who are in them!

With Marvel being such a well-oiled machine at this point, of course it makes sense that there would be a few odd cogs in the machine every now and then. There are a lot of examples about actors who regretted being apart of the MCU for one reason or another. Look at Mickey Rourke, who wanted to make his villain Whiplash more complex but ultimately found a lot of his scenes cut out, much to his dismay. Look at Edward Norton, who disliked the script for the Incredible Hulk so much that he took to writing it himself and then somehow morphed into Mark Ruffalo. Look at Jeremy Renner, who hated being apart of the MCU so much at the beginning of the franchise that he was trying to get the higher ups to kill off Hawkeye so he didn’t have to be apart of it anymore.

We’re not saying that all Marvel actors hated being in MCU movies, but there are enough examples of unhappy stars and celebrities who were more than happy to leave the massive franchise behind them and move on. Today’s list is all about those folks and exactly what went down that made them so unhappy. So let’s get into it, right now.


Entry 1 – Jeremy Renner
Entry 2 – Scarlett Johansson
Entry 3 – Natalie Portman
Entry 4 – Idris Elba
Entry 5 – Gwyneth Paltrow
Entry 6 – Mickey Rourke
Entry 7 – Edward Norton
Entry 8 – Hugo Weaving
Entry 9 – Christopher Eccleston
Entry 10 – Terrence Howard


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