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MARVEL/DC: UNITY – Fan Edit Special (Fan Made)

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IT’S FINALLY HERE! Thank you to everyone who waited so patiently; it really means a lot. Sorry it took so long, things just kept getting in the way.
This whole idea stemmed from “what if Days of Future Past was combined with Civil War, with DC & Marvel involved.”
I am also very interested in further pursuing the “dark future” we see briefly in this video, so I will have a trailer coming out soon that will focus on that titled: “Marvel/DC: Knightmare.”

Thank you to El Edits & KR Presents for consulting with me and generally helping through production of this video – couldn’t have done it without them.

Thank you to Roundtable Studios for helping with the shot of Dr Manhattan holding the Tesseract. That shot wouldn’t exist without him!

Thank you to Marcus aka HighDefined for working on several vfx shots for this!

I must also credit RaizorVid for inspiring the Wonder Woman shot at 12:03 – amazing editor!

Credit to CAMW1N for the amazing image in the thumbnail!

“While experimenting with the Tesseract, Bruce Wayne accidentally causes a chain of events which fuses the Marvel & DC Earths. Now combined, the worlds learn to live together peacefully. Or so they think.
The future. A dark, desolate world. With such a growing number of super-powered people exisitng, the Governments of the world decide to initiate the Vigilante Registration Act and attempt to round up all mutants & metahumans.
The world descends into disarray.
Heroes are forced to take sides – each having conflicting beliefs. Some believe powerful individuals need to be put in check, while others feel they should be given the freedom they deserve.
Professor X seeks out Barry Allen, to travel backwards in time to stop the Vigilante Registration Act being passed and prevent the events that lead to the abominable future. However, unbeknown to them, a deeper threat lurks in the shadows.”

Revolt Production Music – Written in the Shadows
2WEI – Neptune
Twelve Titans Music – Echo
Really Slow Motion – Carved of Stone
CMX – “Shepherd (Extended)” Vertigo
Hans Zimmer – No Time for Caution
Ninja Tracks – The Machination

This video was first published onYouTube Source link . We are just re-posting and re-sharing.

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