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Marvel's Avengers Game | Combat Gameplay Explained | All 6 Characters

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Marvel’s Avengers combat gameplay explained. What’s up guys? RBG here bringing you more coverage on Marvel’s Avengers. And today we have some major details to go over. IGN has been doing exclusive interviews regarding this game for the month of July. And I’ve been doing my due diligence to elaborate on some of the things the devs have revealed. In the last video we covered the recent beta announcement and how you can gain access. I gave brief instructions on how you could get your code and I know there are some viewers who are concerned since they pre-ordered their copies directly from PSN, Xbox Live, and Gamestop. So I’m gonna further elaborate on that later in the video. But the main topic we’re gonna be covering is regarding the combat for the Avengers members. But back to the topic at hand. IGN recently did an interview with the lead combat designer Vincent Napolli. And he basically went into detail on the different functionalities of each Avengers member as well as the inspirations behind some of the moves. Vincent has probably been the most vocal in regards to answering questions for Marvel’s Avengers. And his most recent interactions have been on reddit so I’m gonna combine some of the info I’ve gotten from his thread with the details from his IGN interview.

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