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miss perfect short film – Asian Love Story

miss perfect short film – Asian Love Story

Miss Perfect Short Film - Watch Now on our website !!

A boy, in a quest to search for his ideal girl falls in love with the complete opposite

Introducing “Miss Perfect asian”: A Captivating Short Film Celebrating Asian Beauty

Breaking Beauty Norms: A thought-provoking short film titled ‘Miss Perfect Asian’ challenges conventional beauty standards and celebrates the diverse and unique beauty of Asian women. Directed by a rising filmmaker, this visually striking production delves into the personal journeys of individuals grappling with self-image in a society dominated by Eurocentric ideals. Through intimate interviews and captivating visuals, ‘Miss Perfect Asian’ sheds light on the multifaceted experiences of Asian women, emphasizing their strength, resilience, and individuality. By showcasing various cultural backgrounds and defying stereotypes, this film offers a fresh perspective on beauty standards. Viewers are encouraged to reflect on their own perceptions of beauty while embracing the rich tapestry of Asian identities presented.

Brandon Ho:
Marianne Tan:
Josephine Yap:
Jason Chan
Nur Zakuan

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