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Morphle and the Kittens – Mila and Morphle | BRAND NEW | Cartoons for Kids

In this special My Magic Pet Morphle cartoon ‘Super Spider Morphle’, Mila and Morphle find three kittens and set out to return them to their owner, who is hard to find. Eventually, they find him, but he wanted to give them to new owners anyway. Now the kittens can be given to the people they met along the way and in the end, all is well.

Featuring some of your favorite My Magic Pet Morphle episodes including ‘Morphle and the Kittens’, ‘Mila is Grown Up’, ‘The Monster Campingtrip’ and more.

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My Magic Pet Morphle is a fun and educational cartoon for kids. Watch Morphle morph into all sorts of exciting things from Trucks and Cars to Robots and Dragons. Join in the adventure with Mila and Morphle as they meet a bunch of magical pets and fun characters.

0:00 Morphle and the Kittens
4:21 Mila is Grown Up
8:28 The Monster Campingtrip
15:04 My Big Red Truck
21:07 My Red Wrecking Ball
23:59 Going Home
27:05 Speedboat Race

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