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Motu Patlu Drawing colouring pages

Motu Patlu Drawing colouring pages

Motu Patlu Drawing: The Superheroes Super villains from mars | Motu Patlu colouring pages #9
Motu Patlu Drawing

Come and join me as we explore the art of drawing Motu Patlu, the superheroes and super villains from Mars, using the Motu Patlu drawing book. We will be creating colorful illustrations of characters from the latest movie Motu Patlu: The Superheroes vs. Super Villains from Mars using Crayola colors. Coloring the duo of Motu Patlu is an enjoyable activity for kids, toddlers, and children that promotes hand-eye coordination and concentration. This preschool color learning activity is not only fun but also educational. Our engaging drawing and coloring videos are a fantastic way to inspire creativity in your children!

About Motu Patlu:
Motu Patlu is an Indian animated sitcom television series written by Niraj Vikram for Nickelodeon.The series is produced by Cosmos-Maya.It is adapted from the classic comic strip on Lotpot.

On Republic Day, the dynamic duo Motu-Patlu will embark on a thrilling new journey to battle against evil and safeguard the residents of Furfurinagar and Modern City in their upcoming TV movie Motu Patlu the Superheroes vs. Super Villains from Mars. Catch the premiere on Saturday, 26th January 2019 at 12:30 pm on Nickelodeon India! Known for their unwavering commitment to defeating wickedness in all its forms, India’s beloved pair continues to inspire us with their message of unity prevailing over malevolence.

In celebration of the 70th Republic Day and their 18th television movie, join Motu Patlu as they venture into space to confront villains from Mars. In this fresh escapade, Motu Patlu the Superheroes vs. Super Villains from Mars, witness our heroes facing off against three technologically advanced thieves – Pinky, Panky, and Ponky – who aim to plunder Furfurinagar and Modern City using a spaceship. As Motu-Patlu strive to protect their city, they find themselves entangled in a cosmic clash that grants extraordinary abilities to the nefarious trio. Fuelled by vengeance, these superpowered villains set out to seek retribution against our heroes while plotting global theft!

Motu, a round man with a penchant for samosas that give him strength, is a key character in the show. He works as a gardener and is always seeking easy ways to make money, have fun, and indulge in his favorite snack. Despite his best friend Patlu’s attempts to keep him out of trouble, Motu often finds himself in sticky situations due to his reckless actions.

Patlu, on the other hand, is a slim and intelligent individual who tries to steer Motu away from danger. While he dislikes samosas and prefers reading newspapers, he is always there to help Motu out of trouble when needed. Though he strives for a safe and peaceful life, he can be persuaded by Motu to join in on his adventures. Additionally, it’s rumored that Patlu’s grandfather was a boxing champion with a secret recipe for incredible strength – knowledge that ultimately falls into Motu’s hands. Patlu’s distinctive outfit consists of a yellow tunic paired with orange leggings, brown-framed glasses, and brown shoes.

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