My Hero Academia: 10 Students Who Could Beat Eraser Head

My Hero Academia Students Who Could Take Down Eraser Head
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There are a lot of unique quirks in the world of My Hero Academia. In a world of mutants, super strength and literally exploding hands, there has to be a quirk to take away other quirks right? Well there is. The Pro Hero Eraserhead aka Shota Aizawa has the quirk Erasure, which deactivates any quirk so long as he is looking at them. With such a strong quirk, it is no wonder that Aizawa is one of the top teachers at UA. He is the homeroom teacher for Class 1-A. Now Aizawa has done an excellent job teaching his students about what it means to be a hero. However, if it came down to it, who among them could actually take on Eraserhead? That is an interesting question, and one we will be looking at in today’s video.

Now, even though Eraserhead has a strong quirk and some excellent tactics and weapons, he is not invincible. Even his quirk has a few kinks in the armor. For one thing, he needs to keep his eyes open at all times for the quirk to work. If he blinks, the victim will have their quirk back. So if anyone is able to evade Aizawa long enough for him to blink or reapply his eye drops, they can attack. Secondly, people who can hold their own without their quirk might have an advantage. People with good technique and power outside of their quirk will be able to defeat Eraserhead.


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