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New Sony Aibo Smart Dog Robot is just so cool….

New Sony Aibo Smart Dog Robot is just so cool….

New Sony Aibo Smart Dog Robot is a really cool new gadget coming out soon.

The recent Sony Aibo has been retouched for the modern era and nicely adapted for the introduction of Robot’s to daily life in 2018.

Sony Aibo has more points of articulation, more AI intelligence , and more voice controls than ever before.It also has irresistible OLED eyes!

The dog understands a handful of English-language directions, including hand-shaking and commands to sit.

The Sony Aibo robo dog has 22 points of articulation and various motion sensors that allow it to detect and interact with humans and other Aibo dogs.

The robopup contains a quad-core CPU, built-in LTE and WiFi, as well as motors and gyroscopes to augment the 22 different articulated parts.

The Sony Aibo will even  snuggle up to a sister Aibo, just like a real dog would. And even sniff other Aibo’s butt’s !! Exactly like a real K9 would…

Inside of the dog’s nose is a camera that lets you  see where it’s going as well as identifying  different people.
The robot interacts differently with strangers and people who it’s familiar with.

The Sony Aibo responds just like a real dog when you pat it and performs tricks like give paw !!

Sony’s New AI Technology is required to be connected to the cloud, which means you need to pay a  $25-per-month owners fee.


The Battery life is relatively low: two hours on a single charge.

The Sony Aibo is still a really cool  companion to have.Ideal for people who aren’t mature or responsible enough to take care of a real dog Aibo won’t poop so that’s also a plus.

The Robot could also be a great buddy for lonely senior citizens or people who love dogs but are maybe allergic to them..

With an asking price of $2000 plus compulsory $25 monthly cloud fee , this new gadget is unlikely to become a household name in Robot Technology but you never know with the increased usage of digital assistants in our homes and daily life ….


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