Awesome New #Technlogy Gita – Personal Assistant Robot

Robot Personal Assistant Awesome New #Technlogy Gita

Robot Gita

Welcome to the Future !! Manufactures of the Vespa scooter have created a cargo robot that can follow the user around and carry goods in its compartment.Piaggio Fast Forward, based in the U.S., have unveiled the cool personal assistant Gita. It is 26 inches tall and can carry up to 40 lb of cargo. It can travel at bicycle-like speeds of up to 22 mph.
The user has to wear a white belt, which is equipped with a forward-facing camera. Gita is connected to the belt by sensors. It relies on Simultaneous Localization and Mapping technology as well as the camera system to create a map of the surroundings. The robot can make a trip to the same location by itself using the map that it created.

This great invention is  called Gita, and it’s a bright blue orb-shaped cargo robot with wheels that Piaggio says has the same “braking, balancing and vehicle dynamics that you would expect of a high-performance motorcycle.

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