Next FULL Nintendo Direct STUFFED? | HUGE New Nintendo Switch LEAKS!

a full OCTOBER 2020 nintendo direct was leaked on recently just like that mini nintendo direct but what will be at the next nintendo direct? what nintendo switch games could we see at this OCTOBER nintendo direct leak that will set up nintendo switch 2020 and nintendo switch 2021?

well according to new nintendo switch leaks, new nintendo switch games like bayonetta 3, metroid prime 4 and legend of zelda breath of the wild 2 are among the nintendo switch games that we havent had any nintendo news or even nintendo updates for a long time! aside from those nintendo leaks and nintendo rumors ( which usually comes about when nintendo direct rumors or nintendo direct leaks appear) these new nintendo leaks range from a super smash bros dlc fight pack 7 ( being crash bandicoot) to a new wareware game on the nintendo switch. metroid prime 4 has some great metroid prime 4 news as well as talk of gameboy games on the switch (gameboy switch games?).

even though it did looks like there is no nintendo direct in 2020 since the last big nintendo direct we got was the 2019 nintendo direct, we still need to know about huge 2020 nintendo switch games and not to mention speculated nintendo switch games like those mario rumors based around the super mario 35th anniversary rumors which include mario galaxy switch dlc to be an add on to mario sunshine switch and other mario remasters for the nintendo switch

with paper mario and the oragami kind release date pass nintendo would have to show us their plans for the nintendo switch in 2020. and its looks like nintendo 2020 is going to be a blast!if you have been wondering when is the next nintendo direct, this nintendo direct rumor is just for you!

we talk about all this nintendo news and more on the latest robo tron show where we cover the latest nintendo switch news and nintendo direct news in 2020 and beyond. for more switch news and nintendo switch leaks plus gaming nintendo, subscribe to robo rob gaming for more video game news.

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