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One Earth – Environmental Short Film

One Earth – Environmental Short Film

One Earth – Environmental Short Film

One Earth - Environmental Short Film - watch now !!
One Earth – Environmental Short Film

One Earth is an environmental short film I created and edited to help raise awareness about our impact on our environment day to day.

It tells the story of how we globally, and massively around the world, use resources for our short term profit, by deforestation, mining, burning fossil fuels, consuming and expanding. This sadly leads to the many environmental issues we face today in 2021, including global pollution, climate change, and the extinction of animal species.

00:00 Introduction
00:28 One Earth Short Film
03:51 End Credits

I am also the composer, producer and mix engineer of the music you can hear in the film.
You can listen to the track on every major audio streaming service, and buy it on iTunes.
Listen to it here:

The short documentary One Earth showcases footage from talented photographers and videographers worldwide. I want to thank all the artists from which I got the video clips. Their names are stated at the end credits of this film. You can access their work bellow:

Tom Fisk :
Kelly Lacy :
Bellergy RC :
Dan Dubassy :
Ruvim Miksanskiy :
José Carlos Alexandre :
Taryn Elliott :
Luc De Cleir :
Home Adrift :
Nomad Nation Videoproduktion :
Pressmaster :
Roman Odintsov :
Vitaly Vlasov :
Nick Murphy :
Charlie Wang :
Olivier Polome-Pengthong :

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