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Online Slots With a Superhero Theme

Online Slots With a Superhero Theme

Superheroes have been a big part of popular entertainment since as far back as the 1930s, when Superman made his debut for DC Comics. In recent years, the renaissance of Marvel has led to greater mass appeal for the genre, re-imagining beloved characters and bringing lesser-known ones to the fore. These days, superheroes and their super villain nemeses are no longer just for kids, and movie and TV studios can scarcely keep up with the demand for new stories.

Online Slots With a Superhero Theme

Many cult graphic novels are getting screen adaptations today, but the two most recognisable franchises are still Marvel and DC. Both have their most famous creations – Superman and Batman for DC and Spider-Man for Marvel – plus a whole host of others that have also become household names.

Hero Bonuses for Super Slots

With huge-grossing movies and multiple TV spin-off shows, the superhero craze shows no sign of slowing down. If you just can’t get enough of your favourite characters, there are also plenty of online branded slot games that feature comic book creations, from classic to modern.

Winning or not, these are some of the most fun and engaging games available in casinos, with detailed depictions of the characters, along with clips and sound effects from the screen versions. That’s why they are a really great choice for working through a slots bonus – you can get all that entertaining gameplay for free. You can read this article to know where to find the most generous slots bonuses for UK players. Here’s our pick of the best superhero-themed online slots to play today.

Batman Classic TV Series Slots

Batman and his foes have undergone many different screen depictions over the years, and the stories still hold the power to thrill and fascinate audiences. The 2020 Oscars even rewarded Joaquim Phoenix for his portrayal of arch-nemesis the Joker.

Playtech’s Batman Classic series of slots harks back to the campy fun of the Adam West TV series of Batman and his trusty sidekick Robin. These five-reel slots see the tight-wearing duo up against various opponents, with titles such as Batman and The Penguin Prize, Batman and the Joker Jewels and Batman and Catwoman Cash.

All these slots are available as jackpot slots, and feature colourful symbols, sound effects and clips from the original show. These visually engaging games are sure to give every player a hit of nostalgia.

The Avengers

As the popularity and value of Marvel’s creations skyrocketed, so the legal wrangling over ownership and branding became more heated. One of the less fortunate parties in the mix was Playtech, who lost the right to make and distribute their branded Marvel slots when Disney bought the rights to the franchise.

Luckily, they were able to strike another deal with DC, and so we’ll be seeing many more of those characters later on. But for fans of Captain America, Thor and Iron Man, you can turn to the slots developed by Cryptologic. The Avengers slot is probably the best of their offerings, which also include solo games for the Hulk, Spiderman, Wolverine and more.

The Avengers slot has five reels and nine paylines, and includes a progressive jackpot. There are a couple of nice features to the game, including a special bonus round when you land three Avengers logo scatters on the reels. Then you are taken to a new screen and have to tap and reveal cash prizes beneath the pictures. When you see Nick Fury’s face revealed, the bonus game is over.

Suicide Squad

When it comes to superheroes, we all know that it’s true; the bad guys are usually more fun. In 2016, the villains finally got their own movie, when DC’s Suicide Squad hit the big screen. The tale of the team of unstable criminals and supervillains was a box office hit, even while receiving mixed reviews.

The Playtech Suicide Squad slot has received more unanimous praise than the movie that inspired it. It’s a five-reel, fifty payline game, with four progressive jackpots to be won at random. The wilds feature big in this game, appearing whenever a character is fully stacked on the reels and removed one at a time after each spin.

The best thing about this slot is Enchantress Mode. When this character appears stacked, all wilds become Enchantress wilds until there are no more on the reels – which can go on for a long time. During this part of the game, all wins are worth double.

Man of Steel

Another of Playtech’s DC progressive jackpot slot series, Man of Steel is based on the 2013 incarnation of Superman, played by British actor Henry Cavill. This five-reel slot is packed with bonus features, has excellent graphics and an epic soundtrack.

The dual mode game takes place on Earth or on Krypton, with many chances to multiply your winnings in both modes with wilds worth up to 1,000 coins. Like all games in this series, any spin can win one of four progressive jackpots, ranging from Mini to Grand.

The Battle for Free Earth is a particularly good feature, which sees Superman compete with General Zod and his henchmen and awards unlimited extra spins until the hero is defeated.

Wonder Woman

Both Cryptologic and Bally have developed slots based on the Amazon warrior, but once again it’s the mighty Playtech that have succeeded in delivering the best game. Visually inspired more by the comic books than the 2017 Gal Gadot movie, this beautifully-rendered slot has a massive seven bonus features to keep players occupied.

Reels one and five are the ones to keep your eyes on, as wilds and scatters landing here can trigger various bonus rounds. Wonder Woman Respins almost guarantees a win of some kind – with the maximum return being 1,0000x the coin value. This slot is also linked to the Playtech DC progressive jackpots.

Justice League

For all your DC favourites in one place, check out the Justice League slot. This has all the characters as portrayed in the recent movie versions, including Jason Momoa’s Aquaman and Ben Affleck’s Batman. There are six free spin modes, one for each of the heroes in the group, with The Flash mode offering the most – fifteen that can be doubled to thirty. Another excellent addition to the Playtech superhero collection.

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