Overwatch Main Tanks are DEAD! | *NEW* Hog Meta is OP! | Crazy Powercreep Balance?

Overwatch’s latest patch has made main tanking impossible! Stylosa discusses the recent HUGE meta update Blizzard dropped to address double shield meta. It’s worked. However, there are some MAJOR side effects of this balance patch. Which heroes WIN and LOSE in this new Overwatch meta?! Main tanking is now super difficult, Reinhardt, Winston and Orisa are in a really bad position. Roadhog is now the BEST DPS in the game! Zarya hog is the meta tank comp. Hitscan dps heroes such as Ashe, McCree, 76 and Widowmaker are SUPER strong right now – no barriers and no dive to stop them let’s them do whatever they like! Ana is in a great position as she’s the only support that can shut down hog! But supports overall are way more vulnerable as without main tanks in the team supports get destroyed!

Sigma, Orisa and Brig are utterly destroyed, DON’T PLAY THEM!

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1:06 Overwatch New Tank Meta – Hog is OP – Main Tanks are unplayable!
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