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Pokmon Sword and Shield’s brand new Mythical monster revealed •

The Pokmon Company has revealed Zarude, an all-new Mythical creature which will debut in Nintendo Switch games Sword and Shield.

Zarude is described as the Rogue Monkey Pokmon, an angry-looking baboon with vines wrapped around its wrists. Its typing is Dark/Grass, and it has the existing ability Leaf Guard.

It’ll be available for the first time sometime later this year via a future update to Pokmon Sword and Shield. (There’s no word yet on whether you’ll need the games’ upcoming Expansion Pass to get it.)

There are many simian Pokmon in the Pokdex already – and to be honest, for a Mythical, there’s something rather everyday looking about this fellow.

Mythical Pokmon make up around 20 species of the near 900 in Pokmon overall – so the reveal of one is a big deal, and today’s announcement has been timed in favour of the franchise’s annual Pokmon Day.

This is the first new Mythical Pokmon since the masterful reveal of Meltan, AKA “Nutboy” back in September 2018, whose design debuted for the first time worldwide as a huge surprise in Pokmon Go, before becoming available by linking Pokmon Go and Let’s Go a few months later.

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