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Raid Shadow Legends Astralon Build Guide

Raid Shadow Legends Astralon Build Guide

Raid Shadow Legends – Astralon Build Guide
Raid Shadow Legends – Astralon Build Guide

There can be so many games that are considered top in a certain category. Raid: Shadow Legends is the top gacha RPG out there. With an amazingly big cast of champions to choose from, you have the ability to take part in an epic adventure that will take you through levels that you never thought you would care about.

Plarium, The games developed constantly releases new updates and adds new champions to the game. To have a more in-depth knowledge of which characters are good and which ones are to be avoided, we recommend checking the tier list by Proclockers.

The latest champion available to the players in RAID: Shadow Legends by Fusion Method was Astralon, the Sacred Judge from the Sacred Order Faction. This Valentines Fusion Champion Astralon was deemed a must Fuse Champion regardless of the resources spent because his skillset and utility as a champion is unmatched in Arena.

Recently, players are seeing Plarium releasing the new Fusion Champions to be used in specific content in the game or to counter the existing meta champions in Arena. For example, Pyxniel the Christmas Fusion for countering Tormin Arena Defenses and Iron Brago for helping the players in Doom Tower.

Astralon is a Magic Affinity Legendary Champion from the Sacred Order faction in the game. He is an Attack based champion with a high Base Attack of 1619. His Damage multipliers on his AOE are really good as well. However, his kit revolves around countering certain Arena Defenses. He can be extremely helpful in a cleave setup with champions like Madame Serris, Siphi, and High Khatun. Hence, he can be helpful for players who don’t have a strong AOE Attacker to sweep Arena defenses fast to save time or complete the Arena Rush Events which usually take place once a week in-game.

Astralon Skills

Hellbinder [ATK]

Attacks 1 enemy 2 times. Has a 30% chance of placing a 60% defence decrease debuff for 2 turns. Countess Lix will team up and join the attack is they are in the same team. Countess Lix will use their default skill. Countess Lix will not team up on this attack if the skill is used when counterattacking or when teaming up to attack with another Champion.

Level 2: Damage +5%

Level 3: Buff/Debuff Chance +10%

Level 4: Damage +5%

Level 5: Buff/Debuff Chance +10%

Damage Multiplier: 1.7 ATK


Divine Immanence [ATK] (Cooldown: 4 turns)

Attacks 1 enemy. Will ignore [Increase DEF], [Strengthen] and [Ally Protection] buffs. Revives a random ally with 40% HP and places a shield buff on them equal to 20% of their MAX HP for 2 turns if this attack kills an enemy. Also places a shield buff on this Champion equal to 20% of their MAX HP for 2 turns if this attack kills an enemy.

Level 2: Damage +5%

Level 3: Damage +5%

Level 4: Damage +10%

Level 5: Cooldown -1

Damage Multiplier: 5.8 ATK


Light of Sanctity [ATK] (Cooldown: 5 turns)

Remove all buffs from targets under [Veil] or [Perfect Veil] buffs, then places a 25% [Weaken] debuff on enemies who have [Veil] or [Perfect Veil] buffs removes, then attacks all enemies. Also has a 75% chance of placing a [Stun] debuff on all enemies for 1 turn.

Level 2: Damage +10%

Level 3: Damage +10%

Level 4: Buff/Debuff Chance +10%

Level 5: Buff/Debuff Chance +15%

Level 6: Cooldown -1

Damage Multiplier: 4 ATK

Emissary [Passive]

Fills this champion’s turn meter by 3% every time an ally is hit. Decreases incoming damage by 25% if the attack’s ATK is lower than this Champion’s.

Astralon Team Build

Astralon synergizes with Countess Lix innately on his Skill 1 by joining him to attack the enemy together and applying an additional 25% Weaken debuff. Hence, the best possible team will need to include Countess Lix for the sole reason that she makes Astralon even more deadly. Astralon’s main ability Light of Sanctity removes all buffs if enemies are under Veil or Perfect Veil. However, this is not a guaranteed removal of buffs as Resistance and Accuracy still play a vital part. Hence, if all goes wrong and enemies don’t get their buffs removed and stunned, they can easily kill your cleave team after Turn 2. Hence, Raglin might be a solid choice to include as she can revive all dead allies to reset the fight back in your favor.

Our recommended team composition for Arena Offense with Astralon is as follows:

  • Astralon + Countess Lix + Raglin + Ma’Shalled (Best Possible team)
  • Astralon + Countess Lix + Madame Serris + Arbiter(Best possible cleave team)
  • Astralon + Arbiter + Tormin + Harvest Jack
  • Astralon + Apothecary + Arbiter + High Khatun
  • Astralon + Gorgorab + Mountain King + Tormin
  • Astralon + Lydia + Gorgorab + Tormin (Debuff Stacking Team)
  • Astralon + Arbiter + High Khatun + Warmaiden (F2P Cleave Team)


Raid Shadow Legends – Astralon Build Guide

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