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Retro Gameboy Console w/ 400 Games by Etpark £20.99

Retro Gameboy Console w/ 400 Games by Etpark

Retro Gameboy Console – by Etpark Handheld Game Console Retro Mini Game Player with 400 Classical FC Games 2.8-Inch Color Screen Support for Connecting TV and Two players 800mAh Rechargeable Battery .Makes an Ideal Present for Kids and Adults with so many games to choose from.

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  • 400 Super Classic Games The game console has nostalgic unique 400 FC games, the game can be played without repetition,take you back to the fun of childhood.
  • Support 2 Players&Play on TV A gamepad is included in the package to connect to the little handheld game console for two-player games. The 2.8-inch LCD screen can be connected to the TV via the AV output, so you can easily enjoy lively and exciting video games on the big screen.
  • Portable and Easy to Carry Compact and lightweight handheld game console, mini body, carry it with you. On the way to work, free time, the best choice for relaxing mood. Play anytime, anywhere, enjoy the fun of train childhood, airplane, camp or travel.
  • Rechargeable battery Built-in 800mAh large capacity lithium battery can be charged. The game can play for up to 5 hours each time it is fully charged. When you are on a business trip, traveling, camping, you don’t have to worry about running out of power.
  • Long Warranty We Provide 12 Months’ Warranty.

Retro  Gameboy Console by Etpark  Handheld Game Console has 400 Games: Arcade retro games, Logic & math, Sports, Puzzle, Arcade, Shooting, Action, Racing, Fighting games, Strategy, Adventure, Card games and more to meet your demand to play varieties of games what you like. It features a colorful LCD screen and supports AV output, not only giving you a high-quality picture and gaming experience, but also making you more stress-free and make you feel better. Meanwhile, you could bring it everywhere with slim design.

Retro Gameboy Console Tips:

  1. Etpark console’s screens are covered with a protective film. You can see a totally new screen after peeling off the protective film.
  2. Only for games that support Two-player mode, you can play with another person.( one use the console to control, the other use the controller to control ).
  3. The controller only works when in Two-player mode.
  4. This game console does not have the function to save the progress of the game. When you leave the game, the progress is zero


Support for Play on TV & Two-player game

There is a AV output cable and lovely controller so that you can connect the game consoles to TV and begin Two-player game which can helps to promote the relationship between you and your child.


NOTES for Connecting to TV Retro Gameboy Console

  1. Before connecting to a TV, make sure the TV and the unit are turned off.
  2. Switch the TV channel to the audio / video channel.
  3. This game console does not have the function to save the progress of the game. When you leave the game, the progress is zero.

Retro Gameboy Console / 400 Super Classic games

Built-in 400 Retro FC games, the best choice for relaxed mood. Bring you and your children back to the fun of your childhood. A great gift for the whole family.

800mAh battery

With the built-in 800 mAh lithium battery, the working time is 5 to 8 hours. Plug in the USB cable for charging, easy to use. Charging time: about 1 – 2 hours

Portable and Elegant

Compact and lightweight handheld game console, mini case, take away. The best choice for a relaxed atmosphere in airplanes, camps, traveling or on the way to work.

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