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Save Ralph short film with Taika Waititi (2022 Webby Award Nominee)

Save Ralph short film with Taika Waititi (2022 Webby Award Nominee)

Save Ralph short film with Taika Waititi (2022 Webby Award Nominee)

Save Ralph short film with Taika Waititi (2022 Webby Award Nominee)
Save Ralph short film with Taika Waititi

2022 Webby Winner and People’s Voice Winner – Public Service and Activism (Branded)

We are pleased to introduce Ralph, the worldwide spokes-bunny for the Humane Society International’s campaign to outlaw the use of animals in cosmetics testing. A dramatic stop-motion animation short film, #SaveRalph features an all-star multinational ensemble including Taika Waititi, Ricky Gervais, Zac Efron, Olivia Munn, Pom Klementieff, and Tricia Helfer, amongst others. The video was directed by Taika Waititi.

The voice of Ralph, a man who works as a “testing” in a laboratory and is being interviewed for a documentary while he goes about his daily routine, is provided by Taika Waititi, who was awarded an Oscar for his performance in the short film SAVE RALPH, which is an impressive stop-motion animation. HSI’s #SaveRalph campaign addresses the harsh practise of animal testing in an innovative and unanticipated way. The campaign uses the narrative of one bunny to shed focus on the misery of countless rabbits and other animals that are kept in laboratories all over the world.

Even though Ralph is a cartoon character, the struggles he faces in the animated short film are in no way exaggerated. “It’s so crucial that Ralph feels genuine because he symbolises countless real animals who suffer every day,” said Save Ralph director Spencer Susser. “It’s so important that Ralph feels real.”

Susser, who is best known for his role in the film Hesher, is only one of a long list of influential celebrities and others in the public eye that worked with Humane Society International to produce the film Save Ralph. Waititi plays the role of Ralph in the movie, and Ricky Gervais plays the role of the interviewer. Other cast members include Zac Efron as Bobby, Olivia Munn as Marshmallow, Pom Klementieff as Cinnamon, and Tricia Helfer as Cottonballs.

Producer Jeff Vespa (Voices of Parkland) collaborated on the project alongside puppet maker extraordinaire Andy Gent’s (Isle of Dogs, The Grand Budapest Hotel) Arch Model studio, as well as Executive Producers Donna Gadomski, Troy Seidle, and Peter Kline.

Since its debut in April 2021, Save Ralph has helped to educate people all over the world about the inhumane practises of animal testing for cosmetics and has inspired millions of people all over the world to sign a petition urging the Humane Society of the United States to outlaw these pointless procedures. As a consequence of this, the movie was instrumental in Mexico becoming the first country in North America to outlaw the use of animals in the testing of cosmetics, and it is currently assisting in the advancement of legislation in a number of countries that are among the most influential beauty markets in the world.

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