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Free Sci Fi Movies Full Length English No Ads

Free Sci Fi Movies Full Length English No Ads

Free Sci Fi Movies

Free Sci Fi Movies Full Length English No Ads – Watch a wide selection of 100 % Free Sci Fi Movies to Watch Now .

Epicheroes.com is a sci-fi movie lover’s paradise with a vast collection of free sci-fi movies that will leave you spoilt for choice. The site has an extensive database of classic and modern sci-fi films, offering viewers endless entertainment options. From action-packed space adventures to dystopian thrillers, there is something for everyone at Epicheroes.com.

Epicheroes.com not only offers free access to some of the best sci-fi movies, but it also allows you to easily find your favourite movies through its user-friendly interface. The site has easy-to-navigate categories that help you filter your search by genre, year or even director. This makes it easier for you to find the perfect movie quickly and efficiently.

In conclusion, Epicheroes.com is the perfect destination for any avid sci-fi movie enthusiast.



Batman Dead End – Short Fan Film – Joker , Predator & Alien – Sci Fi Movies


Batman Dead End – Watch this Really well made Batman Short Fan Film – With Joker , Predator & Alien Based on Hit Heroes from DC Comics & Sci Fi Movies Alien / Predator.

Batman Dead End is a fan film written and directed by Sandy Collora that premiered July 19, 2003 at the San Diego Comic-Con, and on the internet shortly after. The film crosses over the DC Comics superhero Batman with the Alien and Predator science fiction film franchises.

Batman Dead End Plot
Batman corners an escaped Joker, only to have the villain suddenly dragged off by an Alien. The Alien is, in turn, killed by a Predator, which Batman fights and defeats. Other Predators then appear just as more Aliens emerge from the darkness behind Batman. The film ends abruptly with Batman caught in between the two alien species.


Spawn the Recall Full Movie – Must Watch !! Short Fan Film – Free Sci Fi Movies


Spawn the Recall Full Movie Synopsis  is the story of a former witch and her son, who try to live a normal life away from the darkness. While they’re shopping in a supermarket, the child suddenly disappears. She starts looking for him, freaked out knowing evil forces are still lurking. A security guard comes to her help but while they are checking on the surveillance cameras, something happens. She can sense it, they are here…


Resident Evil Full Movie : The Return of The Wesker – Free Sci Fi Movies



Transformers 1986 Movie Cartoon G1 -1Hr 25Mins



Transformers 1986 Movie Cartoon G1 -1Hr 25Mins. Starring many of your beloved Autobot’s & Decepticon’s Including optimusPrime.Megatron,Hotrod,Starscream,Jazz,Prowl,Spike,Ironhide,Hound,Soundwave & many others.


Marvel Zombies Short Film – Awesome Fan Made edit – Free Sci Fi Movies


The MARVEL HEROES face their toughest defeat yet. If ya think AVENGERS ENDGAME was the end, that’s a walk in the park compared to MARVEL ZOMBIES!

In the Marvel Zombies universe, the world’s greatest superheroes have been turned into zombies by a virus. The heroes are now struggling to survive in a world full of flesh-eating zombies.

The Marvel Zombies are some of the most powerful beings on the planet. They possess superhuman strength and durability, and they can even regenerate their bodies if they are killed. However, they are not invulnerable. The virus that turned them into zombies is slowly eating away at their bodies, and they will eventually die if they do not find a cure.#


Critters Bounty Hunter Short Fan Film HD 6 Mins Watch now !!



Warner Bros. recently announced plans to revive “Critters” as a web series for their digital unit, Blue Ribbon Content. I’ve been a die-hard fan of the series since I was a kid and wanted to show that I would be the right director for the project. This short film is my pitch…


Star Wars Rey Origin Story a fan film – Free Sci Fi Movies


Before there was ever a Last Jedi did you ever wondered how Rey became stuck on Jakku? What’s Rey’s origin story? What did she mean when she said she was pilot? How strong is the force in her? Who are her parents and what was she like as a child? These are all question many of us fans of Star Wars have about Rey. You’ll have a chance to get a glimpse into who Rey’s parents are and why Rey’s parents left her with our fan film – Rey: a Star Wars Origin Story.

Star Wars Rey also known as Rey Skywalker, is a fictional character in the Star Wars franchise and the main protagonist of the sequel film trilogy. She was created by Lawrence Kasdan, J. J. Abrams, and Michael Arndt for The Force Awakens (2015), the first installment of the trilogy, and is portrayed by Daisy Ridley. She also appears in the film’s sequels, The Last Jedi (2017) and The Rise of Skywalker (2019), and related Star Wars media.

Transformers Starscream – Short Animated Fan Film


This is a fan film. Dedicated to kids and adults everywhere who spent hours playing with toys that could transform.

Both the American toy business Hasbro and the Japanese toy company Takara Tomy are responsible for the production of the Transformers media franchise. It focuses mostly on the Autobots and the Decepticons, which are two alien robot factions engaged in a war against one another.



Joe Dante directed the 1984 American comedy horror film, Gremlins, which was written by Chris Columbus. The film is based on tales of mischievous creatures known as gremlins that caused problems for the British Royal Air Force during World War II. Zach Galligan and Phoebe Cates starred in the movie, while Howie Mandel provided the voice of Gizmo, the main mogwai character. The plot revolves around a young man who receives a peculiar creature as a pet that produces other creatures that transform into small, destructive, and aggressive monsters causing chaos in a town on Christmas Eve. The movie features a black comedy theme and is set during the Christmas season. Steven Spielberg served as the executive producer for the film, which was accompanied by extensive merchandising campaigns.

Free Sci Fi Movies

Minerva & The Wicked Heist – A Harry Potter Fan Film


A short fan film in form of one magical scene from our idea for a Minerva McGonagall project. Set in 1957 we follow a young Minerva investigating her final case for the Ministry Of Magic Law Enforcement while she waits for an owl from Hogwarts.
Shot in 2 days and for £ 3k.

Harry Potter is a series of seven fantasy novels written by British author J. K. Rowling. The novels chronicle the lives of a young wizard, Harry Potter, and his friends Hermione Granger and Ron Weasley, all of whom are students at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. The main story arc concerns Harry’s struggle against Lord Voldemort, a dark wizard who intends to become immortal, overthrow the wizard governing body known as the Ministry of Magic and subjugate all wizards and Muggles (non-magical people).


Orion Short Fan Film based on DC Comics New Gods


3D Animation Fan-short film based on DC Comics characters “New Gods”, created by Jack Kirby. facebook.com/orionshort


Astartes Fan Film Warhammer 40,000 – Free Sci Fi Movies


-Superhuman warrior-monks who fight for the Imperium of Man, the Space Marines are sometimes referred to as the Adeptus Astartes in the fictional setting of Warhammer 40,000. They have tweaked their genomes to give them superhuman strength and endurance, and they wear mechanised suits of armour to protect themselves. Chaos Space Marines are Space Marines who have defected from the Imperium to serve the Gods of Chaos. Because of this, they are given the moniker “Chaos Space Marines.”


Tekken 7 Full Movie – Free Sci Fi Movies


Minions short films Full Animated “The Competition” HD


The Despicable Me franchise features Minions, the yellow creatures renowned for their childlike behavior and unique language that can be difficult to comprehend. Illumination, a division of Universal Pictures, produces the films and has designated the Minions as their official mascots. Since Comcast acquired NBCUniversal, the Minions have been recognized as a corporate symbol for both Universal and Comcast, comparable to Mickey Mouse for Disney and Bugs Bunny for Warner Media.


DisneyStudios #Animated #shortfilm – #paperman (2012) #cgi #disney #disneyplus


In 2012, Walt Disney Animation Studios created Paperman, a romantic comedy short film that utilizes a combination of traditional and computer animation techniques. The film is presented in black and white and features the voices of John Kahrs and Kari Wahlgren in the lead roles. Directed by Kahrs, Paperman was released on November 2, 2012, the same day as Wreck-It Ralph. It received positive reviews from both critics and audiences for its storytelling and animation. At the 85th Academy Awards, it won the Oscar for Best Animated Short Film, marking the first time a Walt Disney production had received this honor since It’s Tough to Be a Bird in 1969.


Adam Short Film Cyberpunk Award Winning 3 Parts via Unity Engine



The Unity Demo team produced Adam, a prize-winning short film rendered in real-time using the Unity game engine. The film was designed to display the graphical capabilities of Unity in 2016 and was written and directed by Veselin Efremov. It can be viewed on a GeForce GTX980 at 1440p resolution. For more information on Adam’s creation, including asset downloads and a full list of credits, visit unity3d.com/adam.

The Unity demo team built Adam with beta versions of Unity 5.4 and our upcoming cinematic sequencer tool.



GREENER GRASS – A Star Wars short film made with Unreal Engine 5  – Free Sci Fi Movies



A pair of Troopers waiting to deploy discuss who has the better lot in life.

Starring Calum Gittins, Dallas Barnett, Peter Haynes, Hweiling Ow, and some Metahumans



Free Sci Fi Movies


The Dark Side rises… and with comes a Sith Lord ruthless like no other, Darth Malak. Experience the birth of a Sith in this Star Wars Fan Short Film.


Sci-Fi Short Films “Satisfaction Guaranteed” via DUST


A lonely 50s housewife undertakes radical atomic surgery to win back her husband’s wandering eyes and to become the perfect wife in the process.

“Satisfaction Guaranteed” by Yue Ma


Lost In Terra Dimension – Independent Fan Film


Lost in Terra Dimension was started by Lizelle Gutierrez and Kat Lehto several years ago. Despite limited resources, they worked tirelessly to write, direct, film, produce and act in the movie. The two are appreciative of the talented actors, Vasilios Alagiannis (film editor), Kevin Morris (film visual effects artist), Ly Vui (film sound and composer) and crew members like Elvie Gro. Medina who helped them along the way. Gutierrez and Lehto spent almost every weekend for a year traveling across California, including Los Angeles, San Diego, San Bernardino, Ontario and Riverside, to capture footage and scout locations for each scene.


Tunnelen The Tunnel – Award Winning Sci-Fi Thriller Short Film



From director André Øvredal (Trollhunter, Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark) an acclaimed sci-fi/horror short film. In an overpopulated future, a family returning from a day at the beach have to travel through a tunnel that serves a deadly second purpose.

Based off a classic short story by Alice Glaser, “The Tunnel” was the recipient of the “Méliès d’argent” awarded to Europe’s top genre films.

Award Winning Sci-Fi Short Film Destroyer of Worlds- by Samual Dawes


Samual Dawes’ award-winning sci-fi short film, Destroyer of Worlds, is presented by TheCGBros. The film follows the story of Arty, a gifted teenager who is forced to leave his life in 1954 behind due to his father’s discovery of Leap Theory. This short sci-fi drama explores the strained relationship between a father and son as they discover the consequences of time travel being used as a weapon. The film’s title is derived from Robert J Oppenheimer’s famous quote from the Bhagavad Gita and pays tribute to various pop culture references such as Time Splitters 2 and Stargate.

Award Winning SciFi Short Film The Surface by Willem Kampenhout – TheCGBros


A woman is fighting to keep her son alive in a bleak future where humans reside underground due to an apocalypse. When all other options fail, she must brave the barren surface and confront the savage beasts that forced humanity to retreat. More details and links can be found below.



Oscar Nominated Stop Motion Animation – Negative Space – Short of the Week


To begin with, I want to be transparent about my opinion that this is an almost flawless short film. I use the word “almost” because I don’t view art as a race towards an ideal standard. While our website aims to determine the worth of artistic and entertaining works, I personally lean towards the belief that these judgments are subjective. Everyone has their own preferences, and furthermore, perfection often conflicts with creativity and taking chances. Some of my preferred short films have noticeable flaws, but that only enhances my enjoyment of them.


Power Rangers Short Film – Joseph Kahn


Directed by renowned music video director Joseph Kahn and starring Katee Sackhoff and James Van der Beek, this short film takes a darker and grittier approach to the beloved American entertainment and merchandise property, Power Rangers. The franchise is based on the Japanese tokusatsu franchise Super Sentai and revolves around a live-action superhero television series. Saban Entertainment, BVS Entertainment, Saban Brands, SCG Power Rangers LLC, and its parent company have all been involved in producing the Power Rangers television series.


Power Rangers Legacy Wars: Street Fighter Showdown Short Film | Power Rangers Official


Power Rangers: Legacy Wars – Street Fighter Showdown presented by Qualcomm Snapdragon and G Fuel, and produced by Bat in the Sun.

When iconic Street Fighter, Ryu, encounters the Power Rangers, he learns that their nemesis M. Bison and Rita Repulsa have plotted to take over the Morphin Grid. With the help of Ninjor, creator of the Power Coins, Tommy Oliver provides Ryu with the Crimson Hawk Power Coin, allowing him to morph into Ryu Ranger.


SciFi Short Film Extent via DUST Watch Now 12 Mins


Time stands still as two old friends attempt to grapple with a question that defines their very existence. If you could live forever, would you?

“Extent” by Paul Michael Draper

Starring Marcus Henderson (Get Out, Tacoma FD, Snowfall) and Chukwudi Iwuji (Designated Survivor, John Wick: Chapter 2)


Horror Short Film The Follower – via ALTER Watch Now




Motivated by the desire to break free from her mundane suburban existence, an adolescent who is misunderstood indulges in the progressively ominous approaches of an online acquaintance in a modern interpretation of Joyce Carol Oates’ 1966 tale Where Are You Going, Where Have You Been? The Follower by Stevie Szerlip.


Free Sci Fi Movies Full Length English No Ads

Science Fiction 2020 – Hollywood Full Movie 2020 – Full Movie in English No Ads
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