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sci-fi shorts Film : “Merv” via DUST

sci-fi shorts Film : “Merv” via DUST

sci-fi shorts Film : "Merv" via DUST

sci-fi shorts Film : “Merv” via DUST – Explore the DUST Multiverse

After the end of the world, Merv’s life in the lonely wastes is comfortably boring until an unexpected signal heralds the coming of a stranger.

“Merv” by Matt Inns

In a world where imagination knows no bounds and technology blurs the lines between reality and fiction, sci-fi shorts have emerged as the captivating medium of storytelling that leaves us pondering the infinite possibilities of the universe. Welcome to, where these bite-sized science fiction tales come to life in all their glory, transporting you to distant galaxies, dystopian futures, and mind-bending alternate realities with just a click of a button. Strap yourselves in as we embark on a journey through the vast expanse of creativity and innovation that awaits within these digital realms.

At sci-fi shorts, the imagination truly knows no bounds. From dystopian futures to extraterrestrial encounters, each short film presented on the platform offers a unique glimpse into the endless possibilities of the sci-fi genre. With cutting-edge visual effects and thought-provoking storylines, these shorts leave viewers questioning reality and pondering the potential consequences of technological advancements.

One particular aspect that sets sci-fi shorts apart is its ability to explore complex ethical dilemmas within a compact timeframe. Themes of artificial intelligence, genetic manipulation, and interstellar travel are expertly woven into bite-sized narratives that pack a powerful punch. As audiences dive into these mini worlds, they are challenged to reflect on their own beliefs and values in the face of rapidly advancing scientific endeavors.

The beauty of sci-fi shorts lies in their ability to transport viewers to alternate realities where anything is possible. By pushing boundaries and embracing unconventional storytelling techniques, these films provide a fresh perspective on humanity’s relationship with technology and the unknown. Prepare to be captivated, inspired, and perhaps even a little bit unnerved by the captivating worlds waiting to be discovered at sci-fi shorts


“Merv” Credits:
Steven Woller

Maggie Watts


Matt Inns

Steven Woller & Matt Inns

Steven Woller & Matt Inns

Director of Photography
Ash McKenzie

Production Designer
Steven Woller

Costume Designer
Terzann Elliott

Grame Woller & Juliet Woller

Sound Designer
Doug Heath

First Assistant Director
Jonno Baker

Matt Roxburgh

Lighting Assist
Vincent Bowes-Onions
Daniel Petit
Steven Smith

Assistant Camera
Adam Browne
Joel Garman
Chris MacDonald

Terzann Elliott
Edlyn Unverferth

Art Assist/Set Dresser
Ruby Cumming

Boom Operator
Aaron Broad

VFX Matte Artist
Richard Inns

Ash McKenzie

Jane Inns

Sound Post
SIT Sound

Colour Facilities

Southern Institute of Technology
Southern Aggregates
Ross McPherson
James Wilkinson
David McKenzie
Trent McKenzie
Jane & Brendan Inns
Bill & Beverley Claridge
Bryan Campbell
Big Screen Advertising
Habitat Glengarry
Palmers Scrap Metal

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