Short Film: The Cover of Night – Dir. Nick Ranger

It’s not every day you find a group of young superheroes who risk their lives to save the city, but Aaron Jay’s (Elliot Perpich) has been working hard to keep St. Louis safe. When he and his best friend, Deshaun (Jekari Jackson), learn that the mayor is going to be robbed at his speech, they devise a plan to stop it. But can they pull it off?

Next week tune back in to see an exclusive Blooper Reel. Watch as our wonderful actors fumble through lines, and break character!

After years of inspiration from Marvel and Dc movies I decided to make my first attempt at a Superhero movie of my own! I hope this will inspire filmmakers to shoot high and work hard to make their dreams a reality. Maybe someday you’ll see me making the next big super hero movie!


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