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Short Horror Film Award Winning Short

Short Horror Film Award Winning Short


Short Horror Film – Tangled into dark magic practices of a neighbour, a girl’s curiosity leads her into places she shouldn’t have explored.

Short horror films are a unique genre in the film industry, offering viewers a quick and intense experience that leaves a lasting impact. These films often rely on clever storytelling techniques, sharp editing, and chilling sound design to create an atmosphere of fear and suspense in just a short amount of time. The best short horror films can evoke a sense of unease and dread in the viewer, setting the stage for a terrifying twist or scare that lingers long after the credits roll.

What’s fascinating about short horror films is how they can explore complex themes and ideas within the constraints of limited runtime. Directors have to be innovative with their storytelling methods, using visuals and sound to create tension and build suspense effectively. By stripping away unnecessary exposition and focusing on raw emotion and primal fears, short horror films have the power to pierce through our defenses and tap into our deepest anxieties in ways that longer movies sometimes struggle to achieve.

Presented by: Khooni Monday
Written and Directed by : Rohan Pingal & Ameya Tanavade.
Background score : Abhimanyu Karlekar
Line Producer : Deepak Tiwari.
Make up : Pratima Kasar.
Star cast : Shruti Kulkarni, Sharada Tanavade, Revati Tanavade.
Language : Marathi
Website :

Short Horror Film Award Winning Short

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