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Star Wars Episode 9 A New Hope Connection

JJAbrams and Chris Terrio have big plans for Star Wars Episode 9, not just by connecting it to the prequel trilogy era, but also the original trilogy itself. One thing that genuinely look forward to in Star Wars Episode 9 is exactly how JJ Abrams will be connecting this film to the prequels and the originals. Now we know that we are getting very close to the end of filming and episode nine as we get closer to the middle or the end of February, which is when filming is actually projected to end. Now this past couple of weeks or so, we’ve been learning a whole lot more about this film when it comes to some of the set leaks, the set designs, the concept art and storyboard descriptions. Et Cetera, one of which has all to do with a significant hint and or indicator of a connection to the original trilogy and Star Wars.

Star Wars Episode 9, specifically, has a description of Rey sitting on the edge of a cliff on a desert world with R2D2 by her side with her wearing a black robe. There are tents and villages seen in the distance. The next goes over a more comprehensive view of Rey looking out to a binary sunset. The imagery looks very similar to Luke’s moment in a New Hope. Another goes over Rey now, walking in the middle of the desert with R2D2 closer to the village and the tents with a unique view of the binary sunset and now to the right of the Rey and R2. This appears to be a side of Tatooine that fans have never seen before. Now what’s really interesting to is the binary sunset on this desert world that both Rey and R2D2 are described to be at. Now, could this be the exact location that they used to shoot over in Wadi Rum, Jordan for a total of three months?

Now there’s been a lot of words that over in Jordan/Wadi Rum that was used to film for two planets, not one. So it’s very likely that they used that part for either Tatooine and Jaaku or Tatooine and a new Star Wars planet in Star Wars Episode 9, but let’s go over the binary sunset. Now it’s doubtful that this is just another desert world with a binary sunset. This most definitely is the planet of Tatooine. Now, why would Rey be on the planet of Tatooine with the binary sunset and everything. Well, this could be JJ Abrams way of really closing out the entire Skywalker saga and really making it go full circle. It also could be JJ Abrams way of kind of fixing the ending of Star Wars Episode eight somewhat by showing us that binary sunset in the Last Jedi, JJ Abrams can actually be reworking that Ryan Johnson moment and using that as a foreshadowing of what’s to come in episode nine.

So with that being said, why would Rey go to Tatooine? Why would she even go here. Now, I don’t know about you guys, but we heard about the Hutts a very long time ago being used in Star Wars Episode 9. I don’t know. I don’t know if you guys heard about this, but there is a lot of talk about the Hutts. Rotta the Hutt explicitly being involved in Star Wars Episode Nine. So the whole entire thing here is that throughout the first and second acts of the movie, it’s all about the galaxy grouping up and getting all the help that they can get to go up against the First Order and Supreme Leader Ren. Now we’ve been hearing for the past six months that the Hutts are going to be involved in this movie once more. Once again, JJ Abrams way of paralleling that or Return of the Jedi.

So Rotta the Hutt is Jabba the Hutt’s son. He’s actually said to be in this movie, and it would only make sense for Rey to go to Tatooine to somehow recruit instead the Hutt. Or gain his trust in order to offer support to go up against the First Order and you know, pretty much offer supplies/ help to the Resistance/ New Rebellion. Whatever they’re going to be called in this movie to go up against Kylo Ren in his New Order so the Hutts could very well still be a thing over on a different part of the planet of Tatooine, which honestly I think would be rather clever than just going to Jabba’s palace again and just going in there again. That would kind of be a little bit too much for me. It will be nice to see, but I think that visiting a different part of Tatooine as a whole is more likely in this scenario.

Also the mention of villages and tents and whatnot. That’s an exciting part for sure because we also saw this on the desert area over at Wadi Rum Jordan that they were filming for Star Wars episode nine. We also saw a lot of tents and villages through those elite photographs a couple of months ago, so going the Tatooine seems to be a thing by JJ and Chris Terrio in Star Wars, episode nine.

We also heard about this about a year ago that the sequel trilogy would end on planet Mustafar/ Tatooine and Endor in the sequel trilogy. So we also heard little rumblings about Endor being a part in episode nine as well in the form of a vision showing us exactly how the Acolytes of the beyond got a hold of Darth Vader suit and or his armour and how Kylo Ren and got his hands on all of it.

By the way Star Wars Episode 9 trailer is expected to be released with the Avengers in April!

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