Strange Rules The Wives Must Follow In Dragon Ball

The Real Housewives Of The Dragon Ball Universe
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Dragon Ball is one of the best anime franchises out there. Fans simply can’t get enough of Goku’s journey to gain power and save the universe time and time again.

While watching our heroes square off against the evil villains of the galaxy is undeniably awesome, sometimes we forget about the important side characters Goku and the gang leave behind every time they go off on an adventure to a far away planet or alternate universe.

Chi-Chi and Bulma have been awesome wives to Goku and Vegeta for quite a while but they don’t get the recognition they properly deserve. Their lives are so chaotic that often they have to live by a set of bizarre unwritten rules.

That being said, other wives like Android 18 and Videl have it much better. Both of their husbands have stopped their warrior lives more or less. That means that they have much more time to be attentive fathers. Though that probably makes it even more stressful when Goku and Krillin unexpectedly get called back into the action.

Sometimes this includes helping to train the children or just putting up with the constant chaos of that both of their husbands bring. We love to watch as they take on enemies like Frieza and Cell but Chi-Chi and Bulma have to wait at home to see if they survive. That image is much more sad when you realize that Goku has failed to come home several times already.

Here are the 10 strangest rules that the wives of the Dragon Ball series have to follow.

Husbands Are Always Off Training
Nothing Comes Before Universe Saving
Keep Up With The Dragon Balls
Tails Must Be Removed
Help Train The Kids
Help In All Saiyan Rituals
Yelling Is A Must
Your Husbands Won’t Age
Family Time Is Sparse But Sweet
Throw Regular Parties (That Will Be Interrupted By Disaster)


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