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Superhero Movie Update

Some interesting Superhero movie update today. Marvel Netflix’s The Defenders is bringing in Sigourney Weaver as the baddie but no clues as yet as to who she will be playing, Any ideas true believer? The superhero news also includes a first look at Amber Heard as Mera in Justice League and we must say she looks awesome, we loved Mera in the comics and can’t wait to see her on screen. New images from Logan, the new Wolverine movie which looks the darkest yet.  Finally, new details from Captain Marvel.

‘The Defenders’: Sigourney Weaver to Play the baddie. Who could she be?

This week, that excitement came from the NYCC announcement that actress Sigourney Weaver would play the villain on the new series. After the release of the first trailer for Marvel’s next Netflix series Iron Fist, the studio is looking to get fans excited about the show that will bring their Netflix heroes team together, The Defenders.  A lot of time will pass before we will see the Netflix heroes team up in The Defenders, so no surprises there is no confirmation of which character Ms. Weaver will be playing. If anything, the casting is a sign that the series is moving along and that they know where they are going with it. But do you have any ideas who she might be playing? Check out this link with some interesting theories as to which villian Weaver is playing . We are rooting for the Mephisto theory but think Madame Web is a strong outside bet!

sigourney weaver madame web

‘Justice League’: Amber Heard’s Mera Revealed

This week we saw the first image of Amber Heard as Mera from Justice League, giving us our first view of the formidable Atlantean queen. Mera will join Wonder Woman as two very strong female characters from the DCEU. The image comes shortly after Justice League wrapped filming and also serves as a hint as to how much the land of Atlantis we will get to see in Justice League before the Aquaman movie comes around. Heard’s Mera very closely resembles her comic book counterpart, so that is something fans can be happy about.  We have a feeling that Warners Bros are as excited as fandom for the role Aquaman, Mera and Atlantis will play in this movie. Dare we say, how Aquaman and family’s story plays out could be more interesting than the Justice League it self? Ok, ok we are staunch Aquaman fans so here’s hoping WB get it right!


‘Logan’: New Images Tease Dark Tone, Reveal Villainlogan wolverine reavers

After we saw the Logan’s title and first poster and we all speculated whose hand that was, X-23 anyone?. Now that the film is in post-production, the team working on Logan is opening up more as they released a ton of new images that includes the film’s villain, reveals a dark and gritty tone, and even some very interesting storyboards. Where are all the mutants indeed? We all wanted a 18-rated Wolverine movie and it looks like we are finally going to get as part of Jackman’s last Wolvy Hurrah! Going back to the villian we are stoked its Donald Pierce, he of Hellfire Club fame and we will also see the Reavers. With a sickly Professor X also appearing but no sign of other mutants, Pierce being a cyborg and a post-apocalytic western theme this could be the best Wolverine movie yet. Now if we could also see a grown up Rogue who had a major part in the Reavers storyline in the comics we’d be ecstatic.
Logan Wolverine movielogan wolverine professor x

‘Captain Marvel’: Kevin Feige Confirms Film Will Be an Origin Story

Most people are aware of how Batman and Spider-Man got their “capes”. How the Hulk became green and where Superman is from. But that’s not the case for Carol Danvers aka Captain Marvel, so its feasible that this character’s introduction is an origin story. As confirmed by Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige whilst talking to the press. This will shed some light to the question of how the character will enter the MCU. Marvel will give us its first female-led superhero movies with Captain Marvel in 2019, and aside from the fact that Brie Larson will lead the film as Carol Danvers, we know little else about the movie. Being that the film is so far away it makes sense that at this point we know nothing about the plot, but now we can add a new detail to the things we do know about Captain Marvel.  Origin stories have had a bad rap lately because of how many times we’ve seen uncle Ben Parker and Thomas and Martha Wayne die! We think because its Marvel movie, its got Brie Larson, its a strong female character audiences will be excited about Captain Marvel’s origin, especially if it links to Marvel’s Cosmic back story.

captain marvel brie larson

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