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THE BATTLEFIELD – A Star Wars short film made with Unreal Engine 5

THE BATTLEFIELD – A Star Wars short film made with Unreal Engine 5

THE BATTLEFIELD – A Star Wars short film made with Unreal Engine 5

THE BATTLEFIELD - A Star Wars short film made with Unreal Engine 5

A fresh member realises that the Imperial Academy may not have been completely honest about war’s reality.

‘The Battlefield’ was produced fully in Unreal Engine 5 as a workflow test for the upcoming AFK miniseries ‘A Hole in the World.’

.Starring Calum Gittins and Dallas Barnett

AFK is a web series about a bunch of gamers who mysteriously wake up in the bodies of their MMO characters. They must work together to live in a hostile new world after being gender switched, bewildered, and out of their element.

The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings were both filmed fully in New Zealand.

About Star Wars

Star Wars is a George Lucas-created American epic space-opera multimedia series that began with the 1977 film of the same name and swiftly became a worldwide pop-culture phenomenon. The franchise has spawned numerous films and other forms of media, including television shows, video games, novels, comic books, theme park attractions, and themed regions, resulting in a sprawling fictional universe. It is presently the fifth-highest-grossing media franchise of all time, with a total value projected at US$70 billion in 2020.

The original Star Wars trilogy was completed with the sequels Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back (1980) and Episode VI: Return of the Jedi (1983), which were retroactively entitled Episode IV: A New Hope (1977). Lucas later returned to the franchise to helm three prequel films: Episode I: The Phantom Menace (1999), Episode II: Attack of the Clones (2002), and Episode III: Revenge of the Sith (2003). (2005). Lucas sold his production company to Disney in 2012, giving up control of the series. Episode VII: The Force Awakens (2015), Episode VIII: The Last Jedi (2017), and Episode IX: The Rise of Skywalker were the result of this (2019).

The first two films in the “Skywalker Saga” were nominated for Academy Awards, with the first two winning. The aggregate box office earnings of the films, along with the theatrical live action “anthology” features Rogue One (2016) and Solo (2018), totaled nearly US$10 billion, making it the second-highest-grossing film franchise of all time.  Rogue Squadron, a follow-up film, will be released on December 22, 2023. There are rumours that a number of more films, including an independent trilogy, are in the works.

The Star Wars franchise is the adventures of characters who live “a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away,” in which humans and many species of aliens (often humanoid) coexist with robots (typically referred to in the films as “droids”) who may assist them in their daily routines; space travel between planets is common due to lightspeed hyperspace technology. Small starfighters, enormous capital ships like the Star Destroyers, and space stations like the moon-sized Death Stars are all examples of spacecraft. Two-way audio and audiovisual screens, as well as holographic projections, are examples of telecommunication.

In the original film, a mysterious force known as the Force is defined as “an energy field formed by all living things… [that] links the galaxy together.” Those with whom “the Force is strong” can perform numerous superpowers through training and meditation (such as telekinesis, precognition, telepathy, and manipulation of physical energy). The Force is wielded by two great knightly orders that are at odds with one another: the Jedi, Galactic Republic peacekeepers who act on the light side of the Force through non-attachment and arbitration, and the Sith, who employ the dark side of the Force by exploiting fear and violence. While Jedi Knights can be many, the Dark Lords of the Sith (or ‘Darths’) are only supposed to have two: a master and a slave.

About Stormtroopers

Despite this, later stormtroopers are established as recruits; only a few stormtroopers are clones during the time of the original trilogy, with the 501st Legion, called “Vader’s Fist,” being the only known legion to still retain a large number of clones. The enhanced stormtroopers serve the First Order under Supreme Leader Snoke and his commanders, including Kylo Ren, General Hux, and Captain Phasma, in the sequel trilogy (2015–2019). The Rise of Skywalker (2019), the third and final instalment of the trilogy, adds Sith Troopers, a red-armored variation of the First Order stormtroopers who serve the Sith Eternal, led by a resurrected Emperor Palpatine.

In the Star Wars universe, the Stormtrooper Corps’ battle order is unknown. Stormtroopers, who accompany the Imperial Navy, can be deployed quickly to respond to civil disturbance or insurgency, serve as a planetary garrison, and police areas within the Galactic Empire. They are seen in a variety of organisational sizes, ranging from squads to legions, and their armour and training have been changed for unique operations and settings in some cases.


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