Tuesday , April 23 2024

THE CHAIR (Award Winning Horror Short Film)

After Reese (Anthony Pavone) brings home an antique chair, a series of horrific events follow, leading him to question if it’s a malevolent spirit the chair possesses or the darkness inside his own mind.

The Chair – directed by Curry Barker – was nominated for BEST FILM at Los Angeles Short Film Fest and a SEMI-FINALIST at Burbank International Film Festival.

Writer/Director: Curry Barker
Producer: Adlih Torres, Anthony Pavone, Curry Barker
Cinematography: Justin Phillip
Composer: Curry Barker
Production Design: Adlih Torres
Makeup Dept: Adlih Torres
Sound: Garrett Easterly
Editor: Curry Barker
Grip: Tristan Welsh, Austin Rodgers
First AC: Antonio Reinaldo
Special Thanks to Kelly Curtin

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