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The INSANE History Of Starbucks

The INSANE History Of Starbucks

The INSANE History Of Starbucks

The INSANE History Of Starbucks  – Welcome to the story of Starbucks! This Starbucks documentary looks at the past, present and future of the coffee behemoth, Starbucks – from its humble beginnings selling coffee beans in Seattle, to its global domination of most of the world. This MagnatesMedia mini-movie looks at the business success of Starbucks & Howard Schultz, and how Starbucks took over the world.

For every single one of us, there are a handful of defining moments in your life. For Howard Schultz, the mastermind behind Starbucks’ empire, one of those moments came at just 7 years old. His father had just been fired from his delivery job after falling on ice and breaking his hip and ankle. The family had no medical insurance, no savings, and in that moment, no hope.

Flash forward to today, and Howard Schultz is a multi billionaire, and is responsible not just for transforming the coffee industry, but several other industries most people might not realise. But, to understand how a simple coffee store can become a global empire, we need to look at the 4 stages of Starbucks.

It begins with Howard Schultz being intrigued by the amount of orders a little coffee company was making (Starbucks), so Howard went to one of their Seattle stores to check Starbucks out for himself. He tried their coffee, and was immediately hooked. So much so, that he decided he wanted to be a part of Starbucks, and reached out to 3 guys who’d founded the company, to see if they’d hire him. But, the only person who thought Howard Schultz joining Starbucks was a good idea, was Howard himself.

Despite this, Howard was persistent. He was unfulfilled in his current job, and could see huge potential for Starbucks. So, he kept writing to the Starbucks founders, and after over a year of convincing, Howard joined the Starbucks team. Little did anyone know, that decision, would change everything… #BusinessStories #MagnatesMediaMovies #Business #Starbucks #Entrepreneurship

(Thanks to Polymatter’s ‘Why Starbucks is actually a bank’ documentary for inspiring the last part of this Starbucks story).

⌛ Chapters:

00:00 Starbucks Documentary Prologue
00:52 How Starbucks Started
03:44 The Story of Howard Schultz & Starbucks
10:16 Starbucks’ World Domination
15:54 The Future of Starbucks


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