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The INSANE Truth About TikTok Full Movie

The INSANE Truth About TikTok Full Movie

The INSANE Truth About TikTok Full Movie

The INSANE Truth About TikTok Full Movie
The INSANE Truth About TikTok Full Movie

The Story of TikTok & Bytedance – This TikTok Movie by MagnatesMedia covers the rise of TikTok and Bytedance, showing how TikTok got so popular and took over the world so suddenly. We explore why TikTok is so successful, how TikTok makes so much money, and the dark consequences of TikTok.

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⌛ Chapters:
00:00 Prologue
02:47 CHAPTER 1: The American Dream… In China
06:09 CHAPTER 2: Addicts & Algorithms
13:18 CHAPTER 3: Going Global: A Marketing Masterclass
21:32 CHAPTER 4: TikTok Vs The World
28:01 CHAPTER 5: The Many Problems of TikTok
35:23 CHAPTER 6: Why Vine Failed, But TikTok Succeeded
38:30 CHAPTER 7: How TikTok Makes Money (And Lots Of It!)
42:58 SHORT INTERMISSION: 2 Things To Share With You
44:25 CHAPTER 8: How TikTok Is Changing Lives & Industries

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👋 Welcome to the TikTok documentary / Bytedance movie – brought to you by MagnatesMedia.

🔎 Some of the most searched questions about TikTok are: ‘How did TikTok became popular’, ‘Is TikTok shutting down?’, ‘is TikTok getting banned?’ and ‘Is TikTok bad?’ – as you can see, there’s a lot of confusion about TikTok. But in this TikTok documentary we will follow the full story of TikTok, and answer not only how did TikTok start, and the online marketing TikTok used to get so popular, but also what the future looks like for TikTok.

📕 Throughout the story of TikTok, we will look at several key areas, such as how did TikTok become popular, is TikTok safe, and what is the TikTok business model? But we’ll also ask the question of whether Bytedance & TikTok could even be a serious threat to YouTube and Google.
But ultimately, this is not just a TikTok documentary, it’s the story of Bytedance (the parent company of TikTok, created by Zhang Yiming).

🌆 To answer the question of ‘how did TikTok become popular?’ we first must look at the history of Bytedance and the Bytedance business model. Because TikTok ads is just one of MANY monetization strategies Bytedance/TikTok are using – including some of their B2B services like Lark, and their plans to challenge Amazon and enter e-commerce and online shopping. One interesting business case study we’ll look at is TikTok vs Vine, and how TikTok makes far more money than Vine ever did. But we will explore in-depth how TikTok makes money.

📺 However, quick reminder… even though we’ll look at some of the problems with TikTok (e.g. why is TikTok so addictive? Is TikTok spying on you? etc) it’s important to remember that the answer of whether TikTok is dangerous is not a simple yes or no. Like with any social media platforms, there are many benefits as well as problems. TikTok can be great, and it can also be terrible. All I can say for sure, is the story of TikTok is a wild ride – so sit back, relax, and enjoy! And if you’re an entrepreneur or marketer, take some notes, as we cover a lot of business & marketing strategies to grow your own business. #BusinessStories #MagnatesMediaMovies

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