Thursday , April 18 2024

THE RAISIN (award-winning short film)

A short film about a raisin.

Written and directed by Rob Carter
Produced by Sara Shulman and Tom Holloway
Producer and DOP – Archie Brooksbank
Starring Trevor Allan Davies and Helen Ryan

WINNER of Best Foreign Short at LA Comedy Festival

A Bladesman Production
Editors – Rob Carter and Archie Brooksbank
Production Designer – Chris Rosser
Composers – Gabriel Chernick and Tom Recknell
Unit Production Manager – Tom Holloway
First Assistant Director – Tom Gordon
Camera Assistant – George Pearton
Sound Mixer – Frank Barlow
Makeup and Prosthetics – Poppy Taylor
Costume Designer – Chris Rosser
Photographer – Kit Oates
Location Scout – James Northcote
Standby Props – Stephen Carter
Sound Design – Ed Shaw
Colourist – Chris Shaw
SPK Videographer – Kit Oates
Storyboard Artist – Dan Morison
Catering – Anson & Curtis
Camera Equipment – Cameraworks
Transport – Kendall Cars
Poster design by Rebecca Pitt

Special Thanks:
Amy Lord
Joanna Griffin
Mark Maughan
Nicholai Saalfeld
Duchy of Cornwall Estate
The Squirrel

Filmed on location at Dartmoor National Park, UK


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