The Reign of Manny Pacquiao (FILM-DOCUMENTARY PART 2)

Part 3 – Last of Pac:
Part 1 – Rise of Pac:

A movie documentary based on the career of Manny Pacquiao, focusing on his time at the height of his career. The documentary highlights Pacquiao’s domination of top champions after 2008 and details the specific setbacks that he had to overcome.

“The Reign of Manny Pacquiao” covers his life and career after he became ranked as the best fighter in the world, after defeating the likes of Barrera, Morales, and Marquez. It highlights the most important fights he had (after 2008), including matches such as:

– Becoming a superstar after fighting Oscar De La Hoya (2008)
– His action-packed fight with Ricky Hatton (2009)
– Tough fight with Miguel Cotto (2009)
– Challenging the light-middleweight Antonio Margarito (2010)
– Controversial match with Timothy Bradley (2012 & 2014)
– His trilogy and finale fight with Juan Marquez (2011 & 2012)
– Other fights with Shane Mosley, Brandon Rios, Chris Algieri, Joshua Clottey

The film also includes the build-up with his nemesis Floyd Mayweather and the contractual issues that had to be overcome to schedule that mega-fight, as well as his religious rebirth as a Catholic and becoming a politician/congressman.

No other video highlights the reign of Pacquiao with such detail, and it is a must-see for fight fans, Pacquiao fans, and boxing historians.

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Run time: 70 minutes
Produced by Reemus Boxing
Narrated by Reemus

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00:00 – Oscar De La Hoya
12:50 – Hatton
18:43 – Cotto
29:02 – 8th division with Antonio Margarito
40:30 – Juan Manuel Marquez trilogy
47:35 – Tim Bradley Controversy
52:48 – Juan Manuel Marquez finale
58:44 – Brandon Rios in China
1:02:00 – Timothy Bradley rematch
1:07:24 – Chris Algieri
1:11:05 – Mayweather

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