The Road to The Defenders – Short film – Marvel/Netflix Supercut


All roads lead to somewhere. Four years, five seasons and one big bad ninja cult later, it all culminates in the midnight of August 18. This is the Road to Defenders.

Presented by MCU Exchange
Edited by Charles Villanueva
Soundtrack by Epic Score and Twelve Titans

As I say in the beginning of the film I intended to edit a short film like this one for the release of The Defenders but I found this editing made by Charles Villanueva on MCU Exchange channel so I thought there was no point to make an other one which would have likely be similar and only post it. Obviously I do not own any of this work.
All footage belong to their righfully owners (Netflix/Marvel Television) and Charles Villanueva did an amazing job editing this awesome short film. Congratulations to him !
As well for Epic Score and Twelve Titans for the soundtrack which were used by the editor.
Because it is a fan film I put it in the playlist related.
In this series I cover fan films that I particularly enjoyed only for entertainment and promotional purposes.
Of course it is not intended for commercial use.
So, I highly recommand you to check MCU Exchange channel :

You can also find more music from Epic Score here :
or here :

More music from Twelve Titans :

Have a good day
Be ready for The Defenders
May the force be with you … espacially in NYC !

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