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The Rock Movies: A List Of Upcoming Films Starring Dwayne Johnson

What’s the next step up from “movie star”? Because that’s where we need to classify Dwayne Johnson. The man isn’t just blowing up at the multiplex. He’s capturing the explosion in a headlock, pile-driving it into the ground, cracking a joke as he does so, then finishing us off with his trademark, 1,000-watt mega-smile. If we’re lucky, he’ll even arch an eyebrow, just to remind us that this is The Rock’s world. We’re only renting space for a limited time.

Given his status, it should come as no surprise that Dwayne Johnson has numerous movies heading to theaters in the near future, all of which sound like they will keep the one-time wrestler and current big-screen phenom in the blockbuster business for years. Because we know that you love The Rock as much as we love The Rock, we’ve built this guide to keep track of all of the actor’s upcoming films – including those that are still making their way through development and will still require quite a lot of work before they are ready to hit theaters. Which of these are you most interested in seeing? Scroll down through the list, and then hit the comments section to highlight your favorites.

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