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The Twist Short Film Ritvik Sahore Sushama Deshpande

The Twist Short Film Ritvik Sahore Sushama Deshpande

The Twist | Short Film | Ritvik Sahore | Sushama Deshpande | Gayatri Salkar | Uttara Krishnadas

What happens when the most popular girl from your school asks you for a favour? Watch Shlok battle the odds as he tries to impress Nadia from 10 – C!

In The Twist short film, Ritvik Sahore delivers a captivating performance that beautifully captures the complexities of human emotions. Through his subtle expressions and nuanced portrayal, Sahore brings a sense of depth and authenticity to his character, allowing viewers to truly connect with the story on a profound level.

One of the standout moments in the film is when Sahore’s character undergoes a transformation that challenges his beliefs and perceptions. This pivotal moment not only showcases Sahore’s acting range but also invites viewers to reflect on their own preconceived notions and biases.

Overall, The Twist short film is a thought-provoking exploration of identity, growth, and self-discovery, with Ritvik Sahore shining as the heart and soul of the narrative. His performance elevates the film to new heights, leaving audiences mesmerized by the raw emotion and vulnerability he brings to the screen.

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#TwistShortFilm is written and directed by Uttara Krishnadas.

Cast : Ritvik Sahore, Sushama Deshpande, Gayatri Salkar and Vaishali Puranik Joshi
DOP : Abijit Vivek
Editor : Ayesha Anna Ninan
Executive Producer : Chaitanya Kumar
Sound Designer : Shajith Koyeri, Savitha Nambrath
Sound Recordist : Rinku Pathak
Background Score : Kaizad Gherda
Choreographer : Shazeb Sheikh
First Assistant Director : Pooja Kumar
First Assistant Cinematographer : Keyur Kajavadara
Colourist : Dilshad S. Nanji
Publicity Design : Elements of Poetry Studio
Graphic Design : Riddhi Parikh
Subtitling : Nideesh Vasu
Post Production Assistant : Siddharth Krishnadas
Music Courtesy : Pond 5 & Zee Music
Producers : Uttara Krishnadas, Shamath Mazumdar

Music on Zee Music Company

The Twist Short Film Ritvik Sahore Sushama Deshpande

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