The Untold Truth of Instagram – The INSANE Full Story

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The Untold Truth of Instagram – The INSANE Story of Instagram.

Welcome to the history of Instagram, starting from Kevin Systrom’s initial app idea called Burbn, through to becoming a multi-billion dollar business that has changed the world. We look not just at how Instagram begun, but also how Instagram grew so quickly and got popular, the details of Facebook’s acquisition of Instagram, some of the many problems Instagram has faced, and also how Kevin Systrom ended up quitting the company he’d created. The story of Instagram is a wild ride – in many ways it’s a business success story, in other ways it feels more like a horror story when you consider some of the negative impact Instagram has had on society. But either way, Instagram’s history is fascinating to watch!

00:00 Prologue
00:14 How Instagram Began (Part 1)
04:46 Becoming a Unicorn (Part 2)
09:11 Fundrise (Sponsor)
10:13 The Acquisition (Part 3)
13:02 The Dark World of Instagram (Part 4)
17:21 Please Subscribe (Mini Break)
17:55 Facebook vs Instagram: Civil War (Part 5)

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In this video we look at a lot of questions about Instagram, including how Instagram became successful? How did Instagram start? And are there any business lessons entrepreneurs can learn from Instagram to make more money themselves and grow their companies?

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