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This Death Stranding Figure Is A Must-Have For Fans

If you ever wanted a mini version of Norman Reedus standing proudly on your desk, or in a display case, then Good Smile Company has you covered with this cool Nendoroid Sam Porter Bridges figure.

Death Stranding

The Sam Porter Bridges Great Deliverer Edition Death Stranding figure is not only the cutest version of actor Norman Reedus you’ve probably seen but it comes with all the accessories that your package-carrying heart can desire.

Although the standard version of the figure comes with a few cases and a mini BB unit, it’s the Great Deliverer Edition that takes it one step further by not only including two additional headpieces, a terrain scanner and a pair of sunglasses but also comes with 21 pieces of cargo to stack on you mini Sam’s back.

If the prospect of having to store and not lose so many accessories seems daunting to you, the standard version of the figure comes with the same terrain scanner and only two cases of cargo for mini Sam to worry about.

Death Stranding

The standard version is cheaper at about $50 when compared to the Great Deliverer Edition, which comes in at around $80.00. However, having your mini Sam precariously balancing 21 cases on his back just looks way more impressive.

Both figures have a surprising amount of detail when keeping in mind how small they are, even including a little moulded BB unit. If you want to get your hands on a cool Death Stranding figure, both are up for pre-order and scheduled to ship in August this year.

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