This Is How Much The Avengers Actors Are Really Worth

The Richest Stars in the MCU and their net worth.
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When it comes to the biggest MCU stars, there’s one huge question on all of our minds, and no it’s not when we’re going to see them again. It’s actually how much are they worth?? Yes the net worth of our favorite MCU actors is one of the most important things to judge them on because how else does a person have value if they’re not worth millions of dollars?

Alright, that’s a little extreme. Of course there’s more important things and we shouldn’t judge MCU actors just by their net worth, but it’s still fascinating to find out exactly how much each Marvel star is worth after being with the franchise for so long. It’s not a surprise to find out Robert Downey Jr. easily tops the list, but can you guess how much more he’s worth than the next highest up on this list? The answer may surprise you. Also surprising? How little some of the actors on this list are worth. Captain Marvel’s Brie Larson, Spider-Man’s Tom Holland and even Black Panther’s Chadwick Boseman are not worth as much as you think, at least not yet. With the exception of Spider-Man, the others have new movies slated to release at some point and we expect all the new Avengers’ actors net worth to only increase over time.

Today’s video is all about how much the Avengers actors are worth, so go ahead and check out the video below. Don’t forget to like and subscribe at the end of it, or else we won’t share Scarlett Johannson’s net worth with you!


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