TIMELESS l Silent Film

A Micah Mahaffey Short Film (Morph Productions) – A women loses her life when she is struck by lighting and now her husband will bend time and space to save her from the fate she once had by going back in time using his Time Machine!

Written and Directed by: Micah Mahaffey
Produced by: Micah Mahaffey, Morph Productions

Starring: Joel Feitler, Candice Dayton, Anna Mahaffey

Watch Our Last Silent Film: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HDIFa…

International Youth Silent Film Festival Award Ceremony: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TIvieni4aP8

Crew/Technical Support: Micah Mahaffey, Matthew Mahaffey, Nathan Salyers, Robert Mahaffey
Set Design: Micah Mahaffey, Joel Feitler
Props: Joel Feitler, Micah Mahaffey, Tami Mahaffey, Anna Mahaffey, Candice Dayton
Costumes: Candice Dayton, Anna Mahaffey, Micah Mahaffey, Joel Feitler
Visual Effects: Micah Mahaffey
Editing: Micah Mahaffey
Music: Nathan Avakian
Cinematography: Micah Mahaffey
Special Thanks: Margot McIlvenna, Patrick Welch, Tami Mahaffey, Robert Mahaffey

Winner of the Audience Choice Award! (International Youth Silent Film Festival)

Official Selection/Winner: International Youth Silent Film Festival (Audience Chose Award Winner) IYSFF

Time Travel Short Film

Award Winning Short Film: International Youth Silent Film Festival

Bend Oregon

A Micah Mahaffey Film


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