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New York ToyFair 2017 – Video Review Transformers Toys

New York ToyFair 2017 – New York #ToyFair2017 – Video Review

Transformers Toys

Check out live footage from the New York #ToyFair2017 – Video Review of the badass Transformers Toys.A Host of Great New Figures By Hasbro & Takara coming soon .Heavily featured was merchandise from Transformers The Last Knight movie ,Titan Returns & a Reissue of Transformers Masterpiece Movie Bumblebee by Takara.

All the usual crew make an appearance Optimus Prime,Megatron,Star Scream & Bulkhead but also many new characters are being introduced including Twintwist:Trypticon,Magnus Prime,Seaspray,Overlord,Octone,G2 Optimus Prime & Nautica.

Here is the Full List of New Transformer toys

Transformers Generations
Combiners Wars, Titans Returns, Power Of The Primes which debuts in 2018.
Ramhorn Titan Masters, Roadburn, Cosmos, Wave 3 Seaspray.

Titans Return Deluxes
Wave 2 Deluxes Krok, Perceptor, Topspin, Quake, Kup. Wave 3 Deluxe Twintwist and Windblade. Voyagers Octone w/ Murk and Blitzwing.

Leaders Wave 2 Decepticon Overlord .Chaos On Velocitron boxset , Fastlane, Nautica, Laser Prime, Quickswitch.Siege On Cybertron with Pounce, Metalhawk, Tidal Wave and Magnus Prime.
Stands over 20″ tall. Comes with Full-Tilt and Necro .Has a  City mode and Spaceship Mode.
Power Of The Primes
Third chapter: The next Prime is Optimus Primal.
Robots In Disguise
Combiner Force Season 3. Menasor

Transformers Last Knight Movie
Premier Edition.Steelbane is a new character featured. The Dinobots make a return with Slug, Slash, Strafe, and Grimlock. A new Voyger Class Scorn is coming. New version of Bumblebee Concept Chevy Camero. Drift, Crosshairs, Megatron who is a jet.Hound this time is a Mercedes truck. A Leader Class Megatron along with Voyager Class will also be released. Deluxe Autobot Sqweeks

Allspark Tech

The New Allspark Tech Will put the power of the Allspark in the fans hands. Allspark Cube Powers Figure has 20+ motion activated lights and SFX. The Allspark Cube interacts with all figures in this line. Dragonstorm is a mega turbo changer. Cyberfire reveals hidden messages with lights.


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