Toys and Collectibles Displayed Collection Tour January 2021 Hot Toys Sideshow Transformers Neca

I decided to do a current collection tour. This is my primary displayed collection of pop culture items. You’ll see Hot Toys, Neca, Sideshow statues, wrestling belts, anime figures, Transformers and much more.
Sit back and enjoy!
EDIT: with so many shelves I was bound to forget at least one- I have a Devil may Cry shelf -_-

0:00 Waiting to start
0:15 Intro and attract
0:48 Intro commentary and Welcome
2:02 Hot Toys Guardians of the Galaxy
3:06 Hot Toys Spider-Man group
4:01 MGS and army 1/6
4:43 Hot Toys Thanos and Ultron
5:29 Action Figure shelf, TMNT, MOTU et al
6:45 Thor, Hela, Jane Foster 1/6
7:53 Deadpool and Tank (Juggernaut) 1/6
8:25 Judge Dread1/6
8:58 Getter Dragon/Liger/Poseidon Fewture Art Storm
10:10 Iori, Mai Shiranui 1/6
10:40 Prime 1 Gatchaman Ken the Eagle, B-Style Bunnies
12:00 WWE title belts
12:34 Pirate 1/6
14:07 Anime figures, Bishoujo
15:22 Deadpool and Tank (Juggernaut) 1/6 again
15:43 Guilty Gear Xrd 1/7 statues
16:35 G.I. Joe 1/6 Hot Toys and Sideshow
18:26 Threezero Optimus Prime, Hot Toys Robocop and Terminator
19:16 Overwatch Widowmaker statue
19:27 PCS Sorceress statue
20:02 Hot Toys Darth Maul and Darth Vader
20:29 Ramlethal, Katana and Vampirella
21:37 Macross Valkyrie
21:54 PCS Cammy and Poison statues
22:24 The three Jokers 1/6
23:23 Blitzway Tyler Durden and Hot Toys Harley Quinn
24:20 Hot Toys Mime Joker and Harley Quinn
25:08 Phat Company Bayonetta statue
25:26 Masterpiece-scale Transformers
27:00 Hot Toys Avengers, Star-Lord
28:11 Macross Mecha, Valkyrie
28:31 Sideshow Premium Format statues – Batman family
29:27 Hot Toys Star Wars
30:02 Bishoujo GI Joe
30:22 Sideshow Rebel Terminator and Red Sonja
31:16 Hot Toys Avengers
32:19 Queen of the Dark Spider
32:34 Captain Picard, Bat-Pod, ED 209
33:07 Mai Shiranui, Overwatch Mercy
33:39 Hot Toys Batman, Wonder Woman and Deathstroke
34:26 Deadpool and Tank (Juggernaut) 1/6 yet again
34:42 Hot Toys Star Wars, Mandalorian, Rogue One
35:37 Sideshow Cheetara, Tweeterhead Batgirl and Starfire
36:12 Scorpion, Sub Zero, 2b, Tifa and Green Ranger
37:09 Sideshow Gambit and Rogue Maquette et al
37:46 Hot Toys Selina Kyle and Batman
38:28 ACPlay Catwoman and Hot Toys Batman
39:08 Sideshow 1/6 Catwoman and Batman
39:56 New Wave Toys Replicade Street Fighter, PCS Jax, HT Rocket, Corgi
40:40 Resident Evil, Walking Dead 1/6
41:30 Iron Man/War Machine armors
44:23 Hot Toys Batmobile
45:07 Ending and many thanks
45:44 Rave On!

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