Transformers Kingdom Line Toy Hunt . Current state of toy collecting Hasbro GI Joe Viper Situation

Join us as Bub and I hit the streets in search of the New Hot Rod , Jazz , Optimus , GI Joe Vipers and anything else we can find.

We always try and pick items up for people in our local community that can’t get out or can’t get them. Try to carry on this act of kindness Рno matter how big or small. It helps create a powerful bond among other collectors in your community , if it’s not happening we’re you are Рtry starting it and see the end results .

Hot Rod 00:49
Hot Rod close up 01:12
Transformers Thrust 02:26
Toxitron Custom Bub 02:59
McFarlane Batman 03:26
First Haul 04:33
On to the next stop possibly Blurr and Kup 06:43
Aisle race for the pegs 07:23
Blurr and Kup 07:45
Paleotrex 08:07
MOTU 08:21
Transformers Rung 09:07
MOTU Panthor 2021 09:12
Black Series Jar Jar Binks 09:48
Marvel Legneds Into the SpiderVerse 10:07
Peter B Parker close up 11:11
Bumblebee MP 12:04
Marvels Legends Frog-Man 12:57
Hot Wheels Treasure Hunts and Mainlines 14:33
Story Time – Discussing the GI Joe Cobra Viper Situation and collecting in general 16:05
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Camera – iphone 11 promax
Lighting – cheap soft daylight
Editing Program – Adobe Preimere Rush

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