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Transformers Masterpiece MP-44 – Optimus Prime Convoy (Ver. 3) – Takara Toys

Transformers Masterpiece MP-44 – Optimus Prime Convoy (Ver. 3) – Takara Toys

Transformers Masterpiece MP-44 – Optimus Prime Convoy (Ver. 3) – Takara Toys – This exclusive New MP Optimus Prime has a new G1 Cartoon style look. A very premium deluxe highly posable action figure.Due Aug 2019 Approx RRP $449

Transformers Masterpiece MP-44 Product Description

Check out the 3rd version of the Transformers Masterpiece line in this new action figure of the brave leader of the Autobots, Optimus Prime.With many points of Articulation and ideal for display in your MP Collection.This is another work of art from the Gods at Takara/Tomy Inc.Very Limited Edition.Japanese Import Item.Fully Transforms from Robot to convoy mode.With tons of accessories and 3 different head sculpts.

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Transformers Masterpiece MP-44  Transformers Masterpiece MP-44

Transformers Masterpiece MP-44   Transformers Masterpiece MP-44

Transformers Masterpiece MP-44    Transformers Masterpiece MP-44

Transformers Masterpiece MP-44 Product Features

  • Masterpiece scale
  • Made of plastic and die-cast
  • Fully poseable
  • Third version of Optimus Prime

Transformers Masterpiece MP-44 Box Contents

  • Optimus Prime figure
  • Trailer
  • Rifle
  • Energy axe
  • Jet pack
  • Rover (Rollar)
  • 2 Energy spikes
  • 3 Heads
    • Optimus Head
    • Optimus Mask
    • Starscream Head
  • Matrix of Leadership
  • Starscream’s shoulder pieces
  • Battle damaged piece
  • Energon pump with hose and nozzle

The Transformers Masterpiece line of Toys are developed by Takara/Tomy with main focus on the Pop Culture mad Japanese market.The line of MP Toys are also distributed by Hasbro in Asian markets outside Japan, and in Australia as Target and Toys”R”Us exclusives.

Hasbro has also redecoed/retooled molds from this line for release in their own markets under various toy lines, and almost always as store exclusives.

Hasbro released its versions as a single cohesive line (instead of as part of other, contemporary lines), with a numbering system similar to the one used by TakaraTomy. However, by 2015, the figures were again co-branded as part of the Generations line, while still continuing their numbering system.

The Masterpiece line started at a slow pace in 2003, with new molds being released every two years or so, and with redecos/retools being released in-between.

In 2018 the Transformers Masterpiece line is still going strong , though no sign of Omega Supreme or Fortress Maximus just yet (o:


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