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Transformers Masterpiece Optimus Prime vs Nemesis Prime Animation

Transformers Masterpiece Optimus Prime vs Nemesis Prime Animation

Transformers Masterpiece Optimus Prime vs Nemesis Prime Animation.

Watch this brilliant Transformers Masterpiece Optimus Prime vs Nemesis Prime stop frame Animation video. Fan made Autobot’s vs Decpticons.Roll out !!!

The Transformers Masterpiece is a toy line designed for true collectors  that are mostly based upon characters from the original G1 Transformers cartoon, but manufactured with today’s advanced engineering techniques.

As a Toy line targeted at Hardcore collectors, Transformers Masterpiece Toys  tend to be quite expensive but perfectly designed & executed in Beautiful Takara Packaging.

Though Transformers Masterpiece Toys are largely developed by Takara/TakaraTomy with the Japanese market in mind, the line is also distributed by Hasbro in Asian markets outside Japan, and in Australia as Target and Toys”R”Us exclusives.

Hasbro has also re developed new molds from this line for release in their own markets under various toy lines, and almost always as store exclusives. These Hasbro versions originally saw release as Walmart exclusives until 2009, when they were succeeded by Toys”R”Us. From 2013 onwards, Hasbro released its versions as a single cohesive line (instead of as part of other, contemporary lines), with a numbering system similar to the one used by TakaraTomy.

The Masterpiece line started at a slow pace in 2003, with new molds being released every two years or so, and with redecos/retools being released in-between. The figures that were released back then were exclusively of the larger main characters, and scale wasn’t very consistent due to price constraints and their large size, with the results being that figures of certain huge characters (such as Grimlock) were too short compared to other characters they were meant to tower over (such as Convoy).

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