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Ways to Draw a Floor Plan – Expert Step-by-Step Guide for 2022

Ways to Draw a Floor Plan – Expert Step-by-Step Guide for 2022

Ways to Draw a Floor Plan – Expert Step-by-Step Guide for 2022

Though there are many ways to improve buyer clicks. But the best way is to add a floor plan to the real estate listing upto 53%. It means using the floor plan is the best. But the main question is how to draw such a plan.

This article will highlight the answer to this question. We will discuss the detailed steps of drawing such a plan. Moreover, we will discuss the ideal program for the task.

If you have complete knowledge of what to do, then it becomes easy for you to make a top-notch plan accordingly and get apartments for rent in Columbus, GA. Once you draw a plan in quick time with more accuracy, it means you may avail a lot of advantages.

Step 1: At first, start from the outer part of the home to sketch the windows, floors and walls

First, you need to draw the outer portion of your home. Take a page and start drawing the outer ground floor at the bottom of the page. Make sure to leave a lot of space on the sides. It is necessary if you want to add anything to it. Moreover, never sketch more than the space that your page is not enough.

Besides, draw a sketch of the doors and where these will open. Not only this, draw the sketch of windows. Don’t try to draw each corner in detail and perfect manner.

Step 2: Move to the inner of the home, take measurements and label each room

Once you have done sketching the outer portion of the home. It is time to go inside and sketch walls. Make sure to take a proper measurement of your inner walls. Moreover, it is necessary to check the laser measure from the page bottom.

Make sure to keep the bottom against the walls and keep walls level across other sides of the room. Once you take the measurement, make sure to write clearly with almost two decimal accuracies.

Step 3: Cope the floor footprint on another page

Once you have done sketching the ground floor. Then it is time to move forward. It is the time when you may speed up the process.

First, it is good to check the corners of the home’s footprint. If you know, you may copy them on the page. After that, join the dots and sketch another floor.

Make sure to judge the floor properly to know if there is no exact floor. Commonly ground floors have many extensions, but these are not present on other floors.

Step 4: Measure and draw the first floor

Now, go inside the home and up the stairs. This way, you get an idea about the position of tiny windows on the stairs. You can consult with the flooring planners of your home in Columbus to get your job done and build a dreamy place.

After that, crack the same way downstairs. Make sure to focus on the widths of the bedrooms and cupboards. Ensure that the cupboards are on the plan by sketching the door arc. After that, you may also consider the sketch of the windows. When it comes to sketching the bathroom, make sure to sketch sinks, showers and toilets.

Step 5: Final checks

Have you completed the sketch of the floor plan? Well! It is a good thing. Never take stress when you don’t add any key dimensions to the plan. It means you can easily edit or remove any portion of the sketched floor plan. The following are something that you should focus on:

  • Make sure that every floor is labeled.
  • Make sure that every room is named. These include the living room, Bedroom, Bathroom and kitchen.
  • Make sure that the north arrow is present.
  • Make sure that each dimension is present and easy.

Step 6: Send for Floor plan Conversion with Elements Property

Till now, you have made a sketch of your complete floor plan. Now, it is time to send this floor plan sketch to the professionals for approval. Suppose you are a professional and know how to cross-check this plan. Then nothing is better than it.

When you use different elementary tools, those tools give you aggressive pleasure but make sure to avoid it. Moreover, it is good to avoid wasting your valuable hours searching for other floor plan creation softwares.


Make sure to find the right and reliable software to upload your sketch. It is good to upload it on the Element property software. Within 4 hours, you will receive the completed floor plan sketch. You may also choose the software with the mobile app. So, it helps you to upload the sketch if you are at the property.

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