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Funny Animated Short – The Counting Sheep – CGI Film 2017

Funny Animated Short – The Counting Sheep – CGI Film 2017

Funny Animated Short – The Counting Sheep – CGI Film 2017

Funny Animated Short - The Counting Sheep - CGI Film 2017

Enjoy this new animated short.

Animated shorts have become increasingly popular with the rise of streaming services and content platforms. The Counting Sheep is an animated short that tells the story of a young boy who must learn to cope with his insomnia. Through a series of misadventures, he finds comfort in the creatures he meets while trying to count sheep. This charming and funny short film explores themes of self-discovery, friendship, and resilience.

Animated Short The Counting Sheep is an exciting new short film by director and animator, Paul McDonough. The story follows a young boy who has trouble falling asleep due to the noise of the neighbourhood kids playing outside his window. In frustration, he decides to take matters into his own hands and enlist the help of a friendly flock of sheep who appear one night in his room. Together they embark on an adventure through their sleepy town as they try to find ways to make it easier for the boy to drift off into dreamland.

The Counting Sheep is a charming tale about overcoming obstacles with the help of friends and family. Through stunning animation, viewers are taken on a journey that combines humour and heart-warming moments as our hero learns how to manage his sleep issues. With its beautiful visuals and wonderful music score, this animated short will truly capture your heart!

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– Katelyn Hagen

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Funny Animated Short – The Counting Sheep – CGI Film 2017


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