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WhatsApp tricks: How to transfer WhatsApp from iPhone to Android and vice versa


Whatever the reason for changing your phone, you definitely do not want to lose precious WhatsApp chats. Express.co.uk reveals a reliable method for restoring WhatsApp chats while switching between Apple iPhone to Android.

How to export chats from iPhone to Android:

Start the straightforward process by opening WhatsApp on iPhone.

Next swipe to the left on the WhatsApp chat you wish to export.

After swiping left, an option of More button apart from the Archive one will appear.

After tapping on this, you will then be able to view Export Chat option.

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Once WhatsApp restores the backup that you downloaded, all chats will appear on your Android device.

Additionally, in order to keep your chat history intact even after uninstall and reinstall the app for any plausible reason or while switching to a new phone, it is always a good idea to backup chats and media for future reference, either your iCloud account or your Google Drive.

This means those switching back from an Android smartphone to an iPhone cannot save their WhatsApp messages.

When WhatsApp is backed up on Android phones, they are added to Google Drive.

The iOS WhatsApp app conversely uses iCloud for both backup and restore.

Consequently, even those with the iOS Google Drive app, will not be able to restore their Android WhatsApp files, as the iOS WhatsApp will only backup and restore via the iCloud.

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