Saturday , March 2 2024

Who is DC Comics' John Constantine? Feared by Enemies AND Allies.

This video explores the abilities, powers, and origin of the DC Comics character “John Constantine.” From losing his family as a young lad in Liverpool England, becoming increasingly proficient with magical spells and rituals as a teenager travelling around Europe and then New York City, falling for the magician girlfriend of Nick Necro named Zatanna after studying with he and Baron Winters, using his immense skills to achieve his own agendas and battle against some supervillain teams like the Cult of the Cold Flame and the Crime Syndicate, growing to be one of the most powerful sorcerers in the DC Universe that is even able to resist the likes of Darkseid and other so-called gods in the multiverse, having a solid partnership with the Swamp Thing despite being somewhat antisocial towards others, to playing a key role within the Justice League Dark team as well as many other DC Comics storylines; Let’s take a look at this respected DC anti-hero, and the powerful wielder of Black Magic that you hope is on your side. This includes a short, canon character biography and my own opinionated “Sage Rating,” which I use to give ratings of comic book and science fiction characters.


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