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Why Baby Yoda Is So Important In The Mandalorian

Why Baby Yoda Is More Important Than You Think
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If you haven’t seen the second episode of The Mandalorian show on the Disney Plus streaming service you’re definitely going to want to catch up before you watch this video because there will be spoilers! The initial episode of the first season ended with the incredible revelation that there is an adorable little green baby Yoda, or more accurately an adorable little green baby of the same species as the legendary Jedi Master. George Lucas has always been tight-lipped about the backstory of his race, so in many ways it’s like discovering a new species. Pedro Pascal’s Mando rescued him from certain annihilation and it turns out this bounty hunter’s charge is a Force user! Pretty much all we know for sure is that he’s fifty years old but that won’t stop us from speculating! In fact, this little child could have some important connections to the Star Wars universe. He might be worth more than all of the Beskar steel in the galaxy, and that stuff can block a glancing blow from a lightsaber!

What do you think about the role this impossibly adorable character will play in the course of the series? Do you think it’s getting way to hyped up or do you think all the excitement about this little one is justified? Let us know what you think in the comment section below and then click on the subscribe button to get access to more of the latest and greatest content from us here at CBR.


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